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Photos of the moon, Jupiter, Saturn in September 2020

Did you miss the moon’s sweep in the last few nights past our solar system’s biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn? Here are a few photos – from the EarthSky Community – of that glorious night sky scene.

Photos of fiery Mars, nearly at its best in 2 years

Photos from the EarthSky community of the bright planet Mars, now nearly at its best. Earth will pass between Mars and the sun – bringing the planet to a once-in-two-years opposition – on October 13, 2020.

Cool new Hubble portrait of Jupiter’s storms

A beautiful new image of Jupiter from the Hubble Space Telescope – captured in August 2020 – shows the planet’s icy moon Europa as well as several famous storms in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

‘Apocalyptic’ skies across U.S. West this week

Video and images of the weirdly orange skies across the U.S. West this week, created by massive wildfires that incinerated several communities in Oregon in the past 2 days and blotted out the sun in San Francisco.

Photos of the moon’s sweep past bright Mars

Earth will pass between Mars and the sun in October 2020, and we’re already hot on the Red Planet’s heels. That is, the distance between our 2 worlds is relatively small. And so Mars is very bright now! Thanks to all in the EarthSky Community who contributed photos.