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14 apps to help you live a more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle

So you’ve made the choice to start living more sustainably. That’s great! Figuring out how to start can be daunting, but luckily technology is here to help.  These handy resources can fit in your pocket and serve as a reminder to continue your journey towards a more sustainable, greener life–whether you’re an experienced advocate for sustainability or just starting out. Forest Forest lets you combine mindfulness, productivity and focus with real-life tree planting. By not checking…

Guest blog – The Ethics of Animal Exploitation part 4 by Alick Simmons

Alick Simmons is a veterinarian, naturalist and photographer.  After a period in private practice, he followed a 35-year career as a Government veterinarian, latterly as the UK Government’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer. Alick’s lifelong passion is wildlife; he volunteers for…

What is fatigability?

The day has barely started and already you’re thinking a nap would be nice. You’re yawning while you walk the dog, can barely focus on your computer screen and have been mainlining caffeine. Why are you always so darn tired?…

What does Mercury in retrograde mean?

Three or four times a year, planet Mercury is said to go retrograde — that is to say it moves in an opposite direction to planet Earth. Planets move from east to west around the sun, and when Mercury turns…


7 tips for decorating a tiny home

Tiny homes mean less room for items of all kinds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add decor that fits your personality and lifestyle. With a few tips in mind, you’ll be able to pull together your look while adding function and flair.

How to see Pluto in your sky

Pluto’s opposition – marking the middle of the best time of year to see it – is coming up on July 14, 2019. Telescope users spot it by locating Pluto among the stars and watching nightly for the object that moves. Photos here.