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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global warming causing ‘irreversible’ mass melting in Antarctica – The Jerusalem Post

Global warming was leading to an “irreversible” mass melting of the Antarctic ice and purging carbon from the atmosphere was the only solution to slow the process, an Australian climate scientist told Reuters on Wednesday. Recent human activity has intensified…

Photos: When the moon hid Mars

The moon will cover Mars 5 times in 2020, but the occultation on February 18, 2020 was the only one that will be accessible to viewers in much of North and Central America. Photos from the EarthSky Community here.

Mediterranean diet could add years to your life

If there’s a single way of eating that persists in laying claim as one of the healthiest, it’s the Mediterranean diet. Experts continue to sing its praises. And the number of positive studies over the years makes it hard to…

What is thundersnow?

[embedded content] Have you ever heard thunder during a big snowstorm? If so, you’ve experienced an extremely rare weather occurrence. The ingredients necessary for thundersnow are so uncommon that it’s estimated that only .07 percent of snowstorms are associated with…

Why you should watch out for nutrient thieves

It’s no surprise that cigarette smoking or living under constant stress are bad for your health, but did you know that one way they have a negative impact is by robbing you of needed nutrients? In fact, there are plenty…

Global warming challenges grapegrowers to find answers – Napa Valley Register

Global temperature increases are affecting grapevines, and vineyardists are looking for answers. As temperatures rise, the results are increased variability and extreme weather conditions. Exactly how the Napa Valley and other wine-growing regions respond and work to help alleviate the…

The Green Bridge To Nowhere

Mankind’s attempt to control the climate is going to be very, very costly – to you. Even worse, there is no guarantee of any benefit, environmental, planetary, or otherwise. Every version of the Green New Deal proposed by various politicians…


WHITE HOUSE: Work begins on key climate report under Trump

The next National Climate Assessment is beginning to take shape at a time when President Trump warned world leaders to reject “alarmists” and as his conservative allies make plans to intervene in the report’s preparation to question the findings of mainstream scientists.