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Pine Island Glacier spawns PIGlets

Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier – known as ‘PIG’ for short – has just spawned a huge iceberg. At over 115 square miles (300 square km), this huge berg quickly broke into many ‘PIGlet’ pieces

Oblique electrostatic inject-deposited TiO2 film leads efficient perovskite solar cells

(Kanazawa University) Kanazawa University researchers used a novel technique to deposit TiO2 layers for efficient perovskite solar cells (PSCs). The inkjet-deposited layers applied at an angle of 45°, without the need for a vacuum, were uniform and their thickness could be controlled by manipulating coating times. The resulting PSCs had an efficiency of 13.19%, making the technique promising as a simple, low-cost method that could be easily scaled-up for commercial production of efficient PSCs.

Why Clouds Are the Key to New Troubling Projections on Warming – Yale Environment 360

Recent climate models project that a doubling of atmospheric CO2 above pre-industrial levels could cause temperatures to soar far above previous estimates. A warming earth, researchers now say, will lead to a loss of clouds, allowing more solar energy to…

Bats inspire detectors to help prevent oil and gas pipe leaks

(Lancaster University) Engineers have developed a new scanning technique inspired by the natural world that can detect corroding metals in oil and gas pipelines.By mimicking how bats use differing wavelengths of ultrasound to detect objects, hunt, and avoid predators, engineers have developed a new system that combines two separate types of radiation, fast neutrons and gamma rays, to detect corrosion — a major cause of pipeline leaks.


Neutron source enables a look inside dino eggs

Did the chicks of dinosaurs from the group oviraptorid hatch from their eggs at the same time? This question can be answered by the length and arrangement of the embryo’s bones, which provide information about the stage of development. But how do you look inside fossilized dinosaur eggs?