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Is your Netflix habit bad for the environment?

In the old days, when you had to drive to a movie theater or go to a video store to get some entertainment, it was easy to see how your actions could have an impact on the environment. After all,…

Celebrity XR Backers Admit They’re Climate ‘Hypocrites’, Must Heed Greta’s Words

More than 100 celebrity supporters of climate activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) who hail from Hollywood, the theater world, music, and the arts have admitted in an open letter being “hypocrites” over their high-carbon lifestyles. That said, they think it best if…

Why Extinction Rebellion Is Occupying a NYC Park

Hundreds of climate protesters around the world were arrested Monday, kicking off Extinction Rebellion’s “International Rebellion,” two weeks of direct action and civil disobedience protests in 60 countries.  In London, protesters blocked all major roads around the Houses of Parliament,…

Your hobbies can make you better at work

What do you do at the end of the day when you’re finished with work and finally have some time to yourself? How you spend your free time can have a big impact on your mental health. Hobbies can help…

Tesla’s V10 Updates — Freakin’ Awesome Home Movie Theater, Autopilot & Navigation Improvements, Joe Mode … (1st Impressions!)

I got quite lucky tonight. I was walking along Sesame Street minding my own business when I all of a sudden got plopped into a Tesla Model 3 with Tesla’s new V10 software. I know, I know — you shouldn’t talk to strangers. But when you get an opportunity like this, you just have to take it. Let’s run through the various improvements coming to Tesla vehicles in

Lights! Camera! Tragedy! Famous 'cursed' movies

It doesn’t have to be Friday the 13th to remember films notoriously riddled with bad luck. These are movies in which mysterious accidents, uncanny mishaps and even death have led some to believe that they are plagued with more than…


EGYPT: Life, death and laughter as farmers battle climate change

Packed into an open-air theater to watch a play on climate change, the Egyptian villagers near the ancient city of Luxor rock with laughter — even though it’s a performance about life and death.

Photos of theater-loving service dogs go viral

To bark or not to bark? That is the question — but not for one set of patrons, who wouldn’t dream of it. A series of photos went viral recently, showing these precious pups attending a performance of “Billy Elliot…

Check Out This Wicked Awesome Tesla Model 3 Inspired By Star Wars

There’s no doubt that Peter Litherland is a serious Star Wars fan. Growing up in Vancouver, Peter dragged his Mom to the theater to see the original Star Wars film back in 1977. Nowadays, he dresses up as a Star Wars character every year for Halloween. So, when Peter decided to get a Tesla Model 3, he had an idea