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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

The Circle

The Climate Change Immoralists

Thousands are dying from Russian missiles and bombs in the suburbs of Ukraine. [bold, links added] In response, the Biden Administration’s climate-change envoy, multimillionaire, and private-jet-owning John Kerry laments that Russian President Vladimir Putin might no longer remain his partner…

Earth is dimming. Climate change could make it worse – E&E News

Five hundred years ago, Leonardo da Vinci proposed a radical theory to explain a scientific mystery. When the moon is in its crescent form, it’s sometimes possible to make out a faint, ghostly outline of the rest of the circle….

Climate change: World now sees twice as many days over 50C – BBC News

What do we mean by ‘location’? A location refers to an individual area of the globe about 25 sq km. Climate data is typically presented in gridded squares that make up a large area. The grids in this dataset are…

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