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The Climate Change Cash Grab – OZY

The desolate climate of the Arctic has historically made it a place of little economic significance. The Earth’s northernmost region is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the globe. The melting of Greenland’s glaciers, Arctic sea ice…

For International Dark Sky Week, Here Are Some City-Adjacent Locations For Viewing Celestial Wonders

It’s officially International Dark Sky Week, and officially the week of the new moon, which means there’s no better time to look up and seek out shimmering constellations, planets, meteors. International Dark Sky Week was launched in 2003 by, fittingly enough, the International Dark Sky Association—an Arizona-based non-profit that works to “to preserve and protect the […]

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Juno finds a new auroral feature on Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft – whose mission in orbit around Jupiter was recently extended to 2025 – has been used to discover a rapidly expanding auroral ring at the very fringes of the Jovian magnetosphere.


EMISSIONS: Climate-friendly plastics? These companies aim to try

Imagine a world in which plastic production offsets carbon dioxide emissions rather than creating them. A new pilot project — from a century-old oil and gas company and a fledgling biotech firm — aims to make that vision a commercially viable reality.

Houston flooding polluted reefs more than 100 miles offshore

(Rice University) Extreme storm flooding in Houston washed human waste onto coral reefs more than 100 miles offshore. Rice University marine biologists found fecal bacteria on sponges in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary following 2016’s Tax Day flood and 2017’s Hurricane Harvey.

Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Is A Disaster For Unions

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. At what point do labor unions finally figure out that the Democrat Party is not their friend, that modern Democrats are anti-capitalist, anti-working class socialists of at least…

Insurers have no choice: Stop backing projects climate-risky projects or drown | Greenbiz – GreenBiz

This article originally was published by Climate & Capital Media and is reprinted with permission. The climate crisis is increasing the frequency, severity and unpredictability of extreme weather, increasing claims and making it harder to predict risk. As premiums are…