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FINANCE: Tesla’s Bitcoin gambit attracts climate critics

Growing interest in Bitcoin by Tesla Inc. and other major corporations is raising concerns among regulators and researchers about the massive emissions associated with the popular digital currency.

For 50 Years, Eco-Alarmism Has Left A Wake Of Destruction

Four million homes went without power in Texas. Will the self-inflicted power grid blackouts in Texas finally throw cold water on the fantasy of alternative and intermittent renewable energy as a replacement to the miracle of hydrocarbon fuels? It should….

New XPRIZE Funded by Elon Musk Will Award $100 Million For Top Carbon Removal Ideas to Address Climate Crisis

The largest incentive prize in history was announced this month to inspire innovators to develop and scale carbon removal solutions that combat climate change. The nonprofit XPRIZE, which sponsors design competitions to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, will award $100,000,000 for the top 3 carbon removal innovations. The contest, funded by Elon Musk is looking for […]

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Biden’s Climate Policies Raising Alarm About Environmental Damage

President Biden’s climate blitz already has proved costly to U.S. energy jobs, but concerns are mounting that his executive actions will do nothing to reduce emissions while threatening to wreak enormous environmental damage. The president’s biggest moves — reentering the…

Solar awnings over parking lots help companies and customers

(Michigan Technological University) Michigan Tech engineers look into the untapped potential of parking lots in a study that investigates the energy-related benefits of developing charging stations powered with solar canopies built into the parking infrastructure of large-scale retailers like Walmart.

Scared by global warming? In Iceland, one solution is petrifying – Reuters

By Alister Doyle 8 Min Read OSLO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – On a barren hillside in southwest Iceland, workers are installing huge fans to suck carbon dioxide from the air and turn it to stone deep below ground, in a…


The Public REALLY Hates (and Misunderstands) Short Sellers

A group of day traders who congregate and coordinate on various online platforms made a name for themselves over the past week running up the stock price of struggling Gamestop (GME), in the process laying some epic losses on a…

Elon Musk to put $100M toward fighting global warming – CNET

Patrick Pleul/Getty Images Elon Musk has been spending the first few weeks of 2021 flirting with the title of richest person on the planet, and on Thursday he took to Twitter to announce his plans for less than a percent…

Biden’s Regs Will Bring California’s Disastrous Green Schemes To All

On Saturday, President-elect Joe Biden introduced his climate team at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden’s would-be energy secretary, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, talked about U.S. investment of trillions for “electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines, and energy-efficient…

Climate Change Legislation Included in Coronavirus Stimulus Deal – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — In the waning days of the 116th Congress, lawmakers have authorized $35 billion in spending on wind, solar and other clean power sources while curtailing the use of a potent planet-warming chemical used in air-conditioners and refrigerators. Both…