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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Taliban Now Controls One Of The World’s Largest Lithium Deposits

Taliban fighters not only took control of Kabul and the Afghan government on August 15. They also gained access to a gigantic deposit of minerals essential for renewable energies, possibly giving China an indisputable edge. A Bloomberg New Energy Finance Limited report…

German Company Makes Concrete to Charge Electric Vehicles From Roads With 95% Efficiency and Low Cost

Indiana could be the first state in the Union to have a wireless charging road that tops up your electric vehicle as you drive along it. As the 21st century rolls on, we’ve all had those one or two moments where we see some new technology and the pace of innovation really comes home to […]

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Here’s How YOU’RE Going To Pay For Boris’s Net-Zero Green Dream

Boris Johnson’s leveling-up agenda is in big trouble. Ministers plan to force consumers to subsidize the installation of charging stations for wealthy owners of electric vehicles by raising electricity bills. In recent weeks, ministers and officials have announced that households…

UK Govt’s Climate Cheerleader Won’t Get An Electric Car: Too Long To Charge

The public face of the British government’s Cop26 UN climate change conference has said she won’t get an electric car yet because they take too long to charge, so she’ll stick to her old diesel car, instead. Allegra Stratton, the…

One of the Biggest Myths About EVs is Busted in New Study

One of the biggest debates in modern automotive industry, that there are comparative or more greenhouse gasses produced through EVs and hybrid vehicles, looks to finally be settled after the release of a comprehensive review. Using a life cycle assessment (LCA), the measurement of every ounce of carbon created from the cradle to the grave […]

The post One of the Biggest Myths About EVs is Busted in New Study appeared first on Good News Network.

Biden Says Domestic Terrorism Is Top Threat, Nominates Domestic Terrorist To Run Agency

From early on, the Biden administration has urged the need to combat “domestic terrorism” and touted a high standard of “ethics.” Joe Biden shot gaping holes in the sincerity and credibility of both goals when he nominated an ethically compromised…

Unplugging The Hype Over Electric Vehicles

For more than a century, the promise of electric vehicles (EVs) has been parked just beyond the nearest traffic light. In 1901, the Los Angeles Times declared “The electric automobile will quickly and easily take precedence over all other” types…

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global perspective | TheHill – The Hill

Two defining issues of our time raise tough questions about the United States’ relationship with the rest of the world. A recent essay argued that the twin challenges of a global pandemic and climate change are similar because they force…

US can fight global warming with new strategy for nuclear power, mining | Opinion – Knoxville News Sentinel

G. Ivan Maldonado Dr. G. Ivan Maldonado is a professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Think for a minute about the wrongheaded view of nuclear power that the environmental movement has been espousing for decades. In this…

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