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Solar and wind power growth on track to limit global warming – Protocol

Over the weekend, Elon Musk said something outlandish. I know what you’re thinking: Be more specific. Well, this time the Tesla CEO indicated he might launch a social network — or, at the very least, wouldn’t rule it out. “Am…

Warming Trends: Elon Musk Haggles Over Hunger, How Warming Makes Birds Smaller and Wings Longer, and Better… – InsideClimate News

SCIENCE Climate Change Means Smaller Birds With Longer Wings Birds in the Amazon are getting smaller but have longer wingspans because of climate change, a new study found.  The findings were based on a 40-year-long dataset on nonmigratory birds in…

Musk: No More Bitcoin To Buy Teslas Over Energy Needs Of Crypto-Mining

Has Elon Musk killed Bitcoin? He might have damaged it, and Tesla along with it in a development that’s chock-full of irony. Last night, the world’s most hip billionaire rejected the world’s most hip currency, claiming Bitcoin’s mining operations took…

Elon Musk Explains Tesla’s Vertical Integration vs. “Catalog Engineering”

Elon in GermanyTesla just achieved its fifth consecutive profitable quarter. How did Tesla beat Wall Street’s third quarter earnings estimates? How are they doing this while the broader auto industry is down amidst a global pandemic

How To Watch & Listen To Tesla Q3 Earnings Call (Livestream)

Tesla has announced that its earnings call for shareholders will take place on October 21, today, at 2:30pm PDT. Now that Tesla no longer has a PR team, this earnings call could bring to light a lot of fascinating new details about Battery Day as well as its implications, since it’s the first time since the event that the company will be answering questions

My Quest For Net Zero & Beyond With Tesla Model 3 — Part 5

I have now crossed the 30,000 miles (49,000 km) milestone in my 2019 Tesla Model 3, in just over 16 months, and in October I reached one full year on a set of Michelin CrossClimate+ tires, which will give some precise range data, so this is a perfect time for an update

Tesla’s Pillars Of Growth For The Next 20 Years 🔋

When Credit Suisse raised Tesla’s (TSLA) price target to $400 from $280, it noted that “batteries are Tesla’s pillar of growth for the next two decades.” Tesmanian noted that Credit Suisse is expecting Battery Day to be Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3, and reminded us

Tesla Market Cap = $382 Billion, Tesla [TSLA] Short Sellers Still Think TSLA Is A “Cult Stock”

Short sellers have been preying on Tesla stock for years. Have they finally reached their come-uppance? “Most big Tesla shorts aren’t losing sleep or missing meals because of their positions,” Ihor Dusaniwsky, managing director of predictive analytics at S3 Partners, told Institutional Investor. “They still think this will eventually go their way.”

Tesla Analysts Have Never Been This Confused, Speechless & Absent Before

CleanTechnica, for at least the past year now, has been livestreaming these calls, and whenever an analyst comes up, our viewers immediately get to see who this analyst is, how successful he is, what his position on Tesla is, and what it was in the past — all live during the call

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