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Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Ahead Of Schedule — July 17th Update

Twitter user “Vincent” is well known for sharing knowledge about the going-ons of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory — information that he gets from Chinese media and social media connections in China. Earlier today, he posted a thread of tweets detailing a meeting between Tesla’s Global Vice President, Tao Lin, and a journalist with the Chinese media

Another “Tesla Killer” Missing In Action — Volkswagen Group Falls Short (Charts!)

BEV Production VolumesTesla has a decisive global lead both in EV technology and in production volume. With the announcement of Volkswagen’s plans for its ID.3 series this week, it now seems clear that the world’s largest fossil automaker has no plans to challenge Tesla for the EV leadership

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Update — Unbelievable Progress Over A Single Month

In the latest aerial flyover video of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, the main roof structure is now essentially complete, the walls along the east side of the main structure are also complete, and the rest is rapidly being finished. The progress over the past month has been spectacular, as we can see when comparing images over that time period

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory On Track To Produce Cars As Early As September

Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China, is on track to roll the first Model 3 off the production lines in September of this year. Tencent News reported on the matter, noting that September was the target timing, but the new factory would be churning out cars by the end of 2019 at the latest, according to their source

[Updated] Elon Musk Confirms That Construction Of Tesla’s New Gigafactory In China Is On Track

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed in a tweet this morning that the structure of the company’s new Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, is on track for completion in May. Equipment for the factory will come in later, taking several months to be installed, be calibrated, and get up and running

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Speeds Ahead — Roofs Going Up (Video)

Construction progress continues at breakneck speed at Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai (aka Tesla Gigafactory 3), with the latest video update from Wuwa Vision (烏瓦) showing roofs starting to go up on several of the site’s structures

Tesla Model 3 Sales Booming In China, While Gigafactory 3 Construction Going 24/7

It’s a bit harder for us to monitor Tesla activity in China than in the US and Europe. However, a certain Chinese American Tesla enthusiast seems to have a high number of connections there. Our friend Vincent routinely picks up intel on Tesla deliveries, Gigafactory 3 construction in Shanghai, and other matters. Below are some recent updates from Vincent

China EV Forecast: 50% EV Market Share by 2025 — Part 1

China is charging full speed ahead into electric vehicles, on track to sell over 2 million EVs this year, from 1.1 million in 2018. The rapid growth has been driven partly by policy, but increasingly by consumer demand. A rising proportion of Chinese consumers simply prefer electric vehicles to traditional combustion vehicles, viewing them as a new and superior technology, and better value. With EVs continuously improving and getting more affordable, there’s a clear path to EVs taking 50% of market share in China by

All Your Cell Are Belong To Us? Any High Energy Density 2170 Will Do For Tesla

Elon Musk in ShanghaiOne of Elon Musk’s most interesting comments on the recent Tesla Q4 earnings call was his statement that Tesla’s battery modules and packs “can essentially use any high energy density 2170 chemistry.” As the world’s biggest user of battery cells by a significant margin, this may have other international automakers worried that Tesla will suck up a big portion of independent battery supply in China over the next few years

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