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Tesla Model X Knows How To Take A Hit (Video)

Sometimes, though, accidents simply cannot be avoided. You could be minding your own business when all hell comes crashing through your door and slamming you out of its way. This is literally what happened to the owner of a blue Tesla Model X as she waited at a red light

Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Sk8R Dude Smashing A Tesla

sentry mode catchesTesla Sentry Mode has caught another act of vandalism. This time it was a guy with a skateboard who smashed the windscreen of the Tesla vehicle. The video clip is 2 seconds long, but Sentry Mode catches a very clear view of the guy’s face. The location was in Albury, New South Wales, and the caption read, “I guess he don’t know about Sentry Mode.” [Editor’s update: The vandal has reportedly been arrested now

Tesla Autopilot Safer By 30% In 2019 vs. 2018

A recent article by The Spring points out that Tesla’s Autopilot looks extremely safe, and keeps getting safer. The data show that a Tesla driver with Autopilot engaged was 30% to 41% less likely to crass in 2019 (3rd quarter) compared to 2018 (3rd quarter)

Tesla Admirers Say Hello To Tesla Sentry Mode Cameras

Video footage from Tesla’s Sentry Mode is not always pertaining to law-breaking incidents like theft or vandalism. Some footage can actually be fun and provide a sense of pride for Tesla owners. For instance, check out the following scene captured from one of Tesla’s side-repeater dashcams that showcases a couple of strangers admiring a Model

Teslas With Autopilot On Go 6.6× Further Than US Average Before Crashing — Tesla Safety Report

We may have commentary and extra analysis on this Tesla safety report in the coming days. Or not. For now, below is the full Tesla safety report for Q2 2019. For previous news on this topic, see our Tesla safety and EV safety archives

Our New Tesla Myths Page

As part of my efforts to fight untrue Tesla myths, I recently engaged the Tesla community to create a Tesla Myth Busters FAQ page. I sent out a call to “assemble a full-fledged myth-busting campaign,” and people responded. We simply want to set the record straight regarding various Tesla myths. Thanks to the Tesla community who heeded my call, this first draft was produced in just four days, which is astonishing and wonderful when you think about it

Do We Need To Think About Safety Differently With EVs?

Yesterday, we got news of another tragic accident in a Tesla Model S where the vehicle, which was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed, crashed, ultimately landing in a pile amidst some palm trees in Downtown Miami, Florida. When speeding down the road, the vehicle lost control, slid through 3 lanes of traffic and smashed into some palm trees planted on the median

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