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Too Much Tesla News — 7 More Stories

Covering the news often entails digging into the details of the latest developments in the cleantech space, which can often result in the broader theme of progress in the cleantech space getting lost. Reader and friend of CleanTechnica Dominic suggested that we write up a chronicle of news in the cleantech world to highlight not just the hottest stories of the day, but the broader themes playing out in the space. This article is our first attempt at this

Last Call To Get Free Supercharging Using A Tesla Referral Code Ends February 1st! Should You Wait Or Buy Now?

In this article, I remind you that free Supercharging from the Tesla referral program is ending in 2 days. I also go over the reasons for waiting to buy a Model 3 and whether they still make sense. I’ll go over 3 reasons why you might not have already ordered a Model