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A Winning Trifecta For Climate Science And Rationality

First, there was Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans, then came Bjorn Lomborg’s False Alarm, and now Michael Schellenberger’s Apocalypse Never. All three authors sound the common theme that the hyper-green environmental activists who have captured, politicized, and monetized the…

Traffic density, wind and air stratification influence concentrations of air pollutant NO2

(Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS)) Traffic density is the most important factor for much the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2). However, weather also has an influence, according to a study by TROPOS, which evaluated the influence of weather conditions on nitrogen dioxide concentrations in Saxony 2015 to 2018 on behalf of LfULG. It was shown that wind speed and the height of the lowest air layer are the most important factors that determine how much pollutants can accumulate locally.

Vermont Senate approves Global Warming Solutions Act –

An electric vehicle recharges on Main Street in Burlington. Photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger The Vermont Senate approved legislation Thursday that would legally mandate the state meet carbon emission reductions targets in the coming years, and allow individuals to sue the…


The IEA’s Sustainability Plan Is Not Sustainable

Governments of the world, take note. The International Energy Agency has a plan for you. If you take the sage advice of the agency’s technocrats, you will do your citizens a huge favor as you struggle to recover from the…

California’s Climate Policies Hurt Low-Income People The Most

To the detriment of those that can least afford expensive energy, California climate policies have driven up the cost of electricity and fuels to be among the highest in the country. The cost burdens of those policies may be fueling…

Activist Firm Driving Climate Lawsuits Covers Its Tracks On Wikipedia

A consulting firm with dark money ties to the climate litigation campaign has taken the unusual and blatant step of editing its Wikipedia page in order to scrub away criticism and block transparency of its finances. Arabella Advisors bills itself…

Profits Count More Than Ever, Not Corporate Virtue-Signaling

There has been much discussion, as the economy begins to reopen, as to what the role of businesses under the “new normal” should be. A recent article in Fortune magazine predicts the public will be more demanding of corporations to…

Green-Energy Wish List Masquerades As Climate Poll

Last week, a raft of newspaper headlines declared “Canadians still support climate action: poll.” We are intended to believe that “COVID-19’s economic and health challenges haven’t diminished” ordinary people’s enthusiasm for green policies. But this poll has oodles of problems….