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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Green Energy? Wood-Burning Power Stations Are Eco-Disasters

Burning forests to generate electricity is probably the worst green-energy stupidity. It destroys forests; creates its own pollutants; is less efficient than coal to harvest, handle, and burn; and has a low-heat value. If all factors are counted, it will…

Gauging trees’ potential to slow global warming – Stanford University News

Like the eponymous character in Shel Silverstein’s classic children’s tale, trees are generous with their gifts, cleaning the air we breathe and slowing the ravages of global warming by absorbing about a quarter of all human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. But…

Stanford-led study gauges trees’ potential to slow global warming in the future

(Stanford University) By analyzing decades of experiments, the researchers mapped the potential of carbon dioxide to increase forest biomass by the end of the century, when atmospheric concentrations of the gas could nearly double. This, in turn, will enable plants and trees to store more carbon.

With Sea-Level Rise, Climate Science Meets Reality

The splendiferous east coast of Tasmania never ceases to please with all its myriad landscapes. So it was a little discombobulating to recently pass a sign planted hard against the flow of traffic following the serpentine track that threads the…


Just one in 20 Australian news stories about drought mention climate change

Climate change is making the drought in eastern Australia more severe and contributing to the woes of the Murray-Darling river system. However, only around one in 20 news stories about the drought mention climate change. An analysis of media coverage…

Retracing ancient routes to Australia

(Flinders University) New insights into how people first arrived in Australia have determined the likely routes travelled by Aboriginal people tens of thousands of years ago along with the sizes of groups required for the population to survive in harsh conditions.

Old-Growth Trees Razed For Wind-Farm Power Lines

Rainforest trees 200 years old have been cleared to make way for a wind farm transmission line in Tasmania’s Tarkine, prompting claims of green “hypocrisy”. Myrtle and sassafras trees were among those felled along a 10.5km corridor widened for transmission…

Australia’s Growing Dam Crisis Is Only Getting Worse

Australia is a dry continent — that is a fact of geography and global climate. However, per head of population, we have abundant fresh-water resources in rivers, lakes, dams, soils, and underground. But we do not conserve enough of it,…

Cute, carnivorous relative of Tasmanian tiger returns to mainland Australia

The eastern quoll is probably best known for its connection to a famous relative, the Tasmanian tiger. The tiger went extinct in the 1930s, but conservationists are working to prevent this small, spotted marsupial from suffering the same fate. Quolls…

More fishing vessels chasing fewer fish, new study finds

A new analysis of global fishing data has found the world’s fishing fleet doubled in size over the 65 years to 2015, but for the amount of effort expended the catch fell more than 80 per cent. The study found the global fishing fleet grew from 1.7 million vessels in 1950 to 3.7 million in 2015.