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How cells use mechanical tension sensors to interact with their environment

In a painstaking experiment, scientists suspended a single protein filament between two microscopic beads. Their results have shed light on an elusive process in which cells receive and respond to mechanical cues.

New imaging method reveals HIV’s sugary shield in unprecedented detail

Scientists have devised a method for mapping in unprecedented detail the thickets of slippery sugar molecules that help shield HIV from the immune system. Mapping these shields will give researchers a more complete understanding of why antibodies react to some spots on the virus but not others, and may shape the design of new vaccines that target the most vulnerable sites on viruses.

Tackling alarming decline in nature requires ‘safety net’ of multiple, ambitious goals

A ‘safety net’ made up of multiple ambitious and interlinked goals is needed to tackle nature’s alarming decline, according to an international team of researchers analyzing the new goals for biodiversity being drafted by the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Preventing lead poisoning at the source

Using a variety of public records, researchers examined every rental property in Cleveland from 2016-18 on factors related to the likelihood that the property could have lead-safety problems.

Subsea Systems Institute receives $9.5 million for research, economic development

(University of Houston) A national research center focused on offshore energy has received $9.5 million for workforce training and to develop new technologies and practices that can improve the safety and sustainability of the offshore industry.

0.5°C matters: Seasonal contrast of rainfall becomes intense in warming target of the Paris agreement

(Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) A recent work published in Earth’s Future by a team of researchers from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found that the seasonal cycle of precipitation is likely to enhance at stabilized 1.5°C and 2°C warming scenarios.


Australian company directors call for more infrastructure spending and a Green New Deal

Company directors want a more radical policy reset to recover from the Covid-19 recession including bigger investments in infrastructure, reforms of industrial relations and a Green New Deal. The Australian Institute of Company Directors’ sentiment index, released on Thursday, found…


I, onion: An authorised biography of the humble vegetable

Onions are so ubiquitous on people’s plates that fluctuations in the tuber’s prices can make or break electoral fortunes; cultivators of the bulb, however, seem to be perenially at the receiving end. Now, as a government move to allow imports threaten to replay their tragedy as a farce, here’s our take on just how much can you peel off the humble vegetable.