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A 1923 building in Quebec is now a light-filled public market complete with aquaponics systems

Discerning foodies in Quebec will soon have a beautiful new market to buy their locally grown fare. Local architectural firms Bisson Associés and Atelier Pierre Thibault are at the final stages of converting the Pavillon du Commerce, which dates back to 1923, into the light-filled Grand Marché, a public market that features aquaponics systems.

Siemens Gamesa Awarded Turbine Supply Contract For 640 Megawatt Yunline Offshore Wind Project In Taiwan

Spanish offshore wind turbine manufacturing giant Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy announced this week that it has been awarded the firm wind turbine supply contract for the 640 megawatt (MW) Yunlin offshore wind power plant in Taiwan. 

Natural compound found in broccoli reawakens the function of potent tumor suppressor

Long associated with decreased risk of cancer, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables — the family of plants that also includes cauliflower, cabbage, collard greens, Brussels sprouts and kale — contain a molecule that inactivates a gene known to play a role in a variety of common human cancers. A new study demonstrates that targeting the gene, known as WWP1, with the ingredient found in broccoli suppressed tumor growth in cancer-prone lab animals.

First hominins on the Tibetan Plateau were Denisovans

So far Denisovans were only known from a small collection of fossil fragments from Denisova Cave in Siberia. A research team now describes a 160,000-year-old hominin mandible from Xiahe in China. Using ancient protein analysis the researchers found that the mandible’s owner belonged to a population that was closely related to the Denisovans from Siberia. This population occupied the Tibetan Plateau in the Middle Pleistocene and was adapted to this low-oxygen environment long before Homo sapiens arrived in the region.


Taichung Discovery Pavilion champions biodiversity in new “Half Earth” multimedia art installation

In Taichung, Taiwan, the recently completed Discovery Pavilion at the Taichung World Flower Expo explores what life could be like if humans returned half of the Earth’s habitable surfaces to nature—a concept known as “Half Earth” proposed by the “Father of Biodiversity” Edward Wilson in 2016. Taipei-based Cogitoimage International Co., Ltd designed the pavilion to advocate such preservation with a large-scale exhibition that covers the ecology of the Taichung Dajia River as it flows from…

Lionfish genes studied for clues to invasive prowess

(North Carolina State University) What makes the red lionfish (Pterois volitans) such a successful and powerful invader in Atlantic Ocean waters compared to its rather lamb-like existence in its native Pacific Ocean? A new NC State study sorts it out.

Novel antibody may suppress HIV for up to four months

Regular infusions of an antibody that blocks the HIV binding site on human immune cells may have suppressed levels of HIV for up to four months in people undergoing a short-term pause in their antiretroviral therapy (ART) regimens. Results of the Phase 2, open-label study indicate the antibody, known as UB-421, was safe and did not induce the production of antibody-resistant HIV.