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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Putin’s Stranglehold On Energy Pushes UK Fuel To Most Expensive In Europe

Vladimir Putin’s ruthless chokehold of the European energy market may have taken a toll on the UK as new figures reveal British petrol and electricity prices are among the highest in Europe. Figures published on Monday by delivery management experts Urbantz…

Scientists Warn Volcanic Eruptions In Antarctica Could Raise ‘Sea Levels’

Believe it or not, over 100 volcanoes are scattered across Antarctica. Scientists recently uncovered the largest volcanic region on Earth there, two kilometers beneath the surface of a vast ice sheet that covers the west side of the continent. One…

Assisted Dying is Rapidly Becoming Legal and Accepted – Currently in 11 Countries and 10 US States

In 1997, only Switzerland allowed their residents to decide if they wanted to end their life, but compassion for end-of-life sensibilities has seen that number rise dramatically across the West. Since 2015, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands, Colombia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, five Australian states, ten American states, and D.C. have legalized assisted […]

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Germany Halts Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Approval As Winter Gears Up

Joe Biden’s policy toward Russia now can be said to be weaker than that of Germany — a shocking development, considering the history of Germany shirking its duties to NATO. The New York Times reports: The approval process to certify Nord Stream…

COP26 inches to a close, for the first time including language on coal and fossil fuels phaseout

Watching the UNFCCC livestream UN Climate Change conferences are reknowned for running extensively into overtime with last minute negotiations to try and salvage a way forward through the consensus process. Draft texts are issued, debated, watered down, reissued, debated and…

Australia ranked last on climate policy in a global list of 64 countries in the Climate Change Performance Index at COP26

Climate Change Performance Index rating for 2022 Another area where Australia is a true laggard is climate policy.  The Climate Change Performance Index rated 64 nations on greenhouse gas emissions, renewables, energy use and climate policy. Australia was listed way…

Data shows global-warming effects – Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

World leaders have been meeting for 29 years to try to curb global warming, and in that time Earth has become a much hotter planet. Trillions of tons of ice has disappeared over that period, the burning of fossil fuels…

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