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Peter Ridd: New Fraud Allegations Deepen Global Science Scandal

James Cook University (JCU), based next to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been at the forefront of claims that extra CO2 is dangerous to coral reef fish. CO2 supposedly changes fish behavior including making them lose their ability to smell…

Thunberg: ‘We will not accept’ giving up on limiting warming – Associated Press

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg says those in power may “have given up” on the 2015 landmark Paris climate deal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) since pre-industrial times. “We will…

Genome sequencing delivers hope and warning for the survival of the Sumatran rhinoceros

(Stockholm University) A study led by researchers at the Centre for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm shows that the last remaining populations of the Sumatran rhinoceros display surprisingly low levels of inbreeding. The genomes from 21 modern and historical rhinoceros’ specimens were sequenced to investigate the genetic health in rhinos living today and ones that recently became extinct. With less than 100 individuals remaining, the Sumatran rhinoceros is one of the most endangered mammal species in the world.

To Replace Lithium Batteries For Grid Storage ‘Gravitricity’ Uses Gravity

A company that uses gravity to create a ‘giant battery’ has just completed a successful test in Scotland, paving the way for its commercial-scale roll out. The firm is called Gravitricity, and their device, which has a 25-year lifespan, could help prevent the mining of rare earth minerals in the creation of lithium-ion batteries, while […]

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Literature Review: Synthetic Turf carbon footprint, environmental, health, microplastics and biodiversity impacts

Hosken Reserve: grass oval used for soccer training, informal reacreation, off-lead dog exercise (Photo by John Englart) Abstract:  The conversion of a grass oval to synthetic turf at Hosken Reserve, Coburg North, is about a failure in transparency and consultation…

Annotated Bibliography: Synthetic Turf and Climate, health, biodiversity and microplastics pollution issues

Increasing use of synthetic surfaces and synthetic turf is problematic for Several reasons.  Synthetic turf is: Derived from fossil fuel petrochemical industry Produces greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing and as it degrades Increases landfill at end of life Produces micro-plastic…

Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg’s TV Show Is A Ratings Disaster

Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg’s first big TV show has proved to be a massive turn-off for viewers. The BBC was so confident of the Doom Goblin’s pulling power that it commissioned three one-hour-long episodes of its documentary series Greta Thunberg:…

New study: Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords

(Stockholm University) A new study shows that thick sea-ice can increase the sensitivity of Greenlandic fjords to climate warming. Understanding the factors that control how fast glaciers move, break up and deposit chunks of ice (icebergs) into the fjords – and eventually the sea – is vital for predicting how the Greenland ice sheet will change under a warming climate and for predicting global rates of sea-level rise.

The Climate Change Cash Grab – OZY

The desolate climate of the Arctic has historically made it a place of little economic significance. The Earth’s northernmost region is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the globe. The melting of Greenland’s glaciers, Arctic sea ice…

The 2 Rules for Eating to Fight Climate Change – The Atlantic

Read: Beyond “vegetarian” After wasting less food and eating less meat, all other changes a person might make are marginal, experts said, among them eating locally, organically, and seasonally. Moreover, the climate impact of those food choices is in many…