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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Scroll Compressors Seek to Lower Global Warming Potential, Reduce Building Emissions – Environment + Energy Leader

(Credit: Pixabay) New scroll compressors that will lower global warming potential, reduce carbon emissions and help reduce operating costs of buildings are being developed by Honeywell and Danfoss. The DSG scroll compressors are designed to be used for medium pressure…

Scientists and musicians tackle climate change together | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT News

Audiences may travel long distances to see their favorite musical acts in concert or to attend large music festivals, which can add to their personal carbon footprint of emissions that are steadily warming the planet. But these same audiences, and…

Renewable energy pace must double to limit global warming, IEA says – Financial Times

A record amount of renewable electricity was added to energy systems globally in 2021 but it remains about half of what is needed annually to be on track to reach net zero emissions by 2050, according to the International Energy…

Climate change buzzwords are the ‘in’ thing, but do they really make a difference? – Deccan Herald

Governments are committing to net zero. Sustainable products are being sold to you on Instagram. Banks are pushing ESGs. As climate change gets worse, it seems like everyone wants you to know that they’re doing something about it. But what…

Toronto is Replacing Air Conditioners With Deep Lake Water to Cool Hundreds of Buildings

180 Toronto buildings have ditched energy intensive air-conditioning in favor of cooling by pumping frigid waters from the depths of Lake Ontario through pipes in the walls and floors. These include City Hall, Toronto General Hospital, hotels, data centers, and the Scotiabank Arena, home to the Raptors basketball franchise—altogether the 54 million square feet of […]

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Demand-side solutions to climate change mitigation consistent with high levels of well-being –

1. Mundaca, L., Ürge-Vorsatz, D. & Wilson, C. Demand-side approaches for limiting global warming to 1.5 °C. Energy Effic. 12, 343–362 (2019). Google Scholar  2. Bajželj, B. et al. Importance of food-demand management for climate mitigation. Nat. Clim. Change 4, 924–929…

Canadian Fashion Designer Makes Shoes that Grow into Apple Trees, Instead of Landfills

The legend of Johnny Appleseed: the man who walked about Ontario and the northern United States spreading apple pips, takes root in a new pair of kicks that biodegrade and grow an apple tree when they are discarded. Tackling plastic pollution is the principle purpose behind the new shoe, but they also help the environment […]

The post Canadian Fashion Designer Makes Shoes that Grow into Apple Trees, Instead of Landfills appeared first on Good News Network.

Climate Change Council releases draft report – WCAX

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – A new plan to battle climate change is out. The state’s Climate Council created an action plan to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by no less than 26% by January of 2025. More than 1,500…

How Global Warming is Impacting Our Beauty Products –

When Nancy Gagnon, a formulator at the Designer Beauty Lab in Santa Ana, California, ventured out into a summer heat wave wearing a full face of makeup, the final look wasn’t quite what she was going for: “Half of my…

Pandemic ponderings: Protect nature to avoid future pandemics

IPBES Pandemics report identified the risk and solutions New research from the University of Queensland highlights Biodiversity loss and ecosystem health are strongly linked to human health. Scientists have investigated the links between the COVID-19 pandemic and the deterioration of the world’s…

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