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Archaeologists Discover ‘Dazzling’ 3,000-Year-old Egyptian City, Left ‘As if it were yesterday’

Reprinted with permission from World At Large, a news website of nature, politics, science, health, and travel. It’s the stuff of dreams and is being hailed as the second-most important discovery since the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb—an ancient lost city has been found near the famous Valley of the Kings. Excavations began 6 months ago in […]

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Why the House Republicans’ plan to fight climate change matters – MSNBC

As a rule, congressional Republicans aren’t in the habit of unveiling policy proposals on any issue. It’s the hallmark of a post-policy party: it’s up to others to do the unglamorous work of crafting substantive legislation. With this in mind,…

Egyptologists unearth a 3,000-year-old ‘lost golden city’

The long-sought “lost golden city” of Aten has been found near Luxor, Egypt, in the Valley of Kings. “The mission expects to uncover untouched tombs filled with treasures,” the scientists said.

NASA Now Has Direct Evidence Humans Cause Global Warming – One Green Planet

While there are significant agreement and evidence showing humans’ role in climate change, scientific evidence wasn’t available. Now, NASA has calculated individual impacts on climate change and can definitively share humans’ role in it. While it’s common knowledge that the…

Scientists detect X-rays from Uranus

For the first time, scientists have detected X-rays being emitted by the planet Uranus. The discovery was made by a new analysis of data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Rapid global warming harming farm production, report warns – National Observer

This story was originally published by The Guardian and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration The climate crisis is already eating into the output of the world’s agricultural systems, with productivity much lower than it would have…

Hamburg Germany Seeing MORE Easter Snow Than In 1960s

Today we see SNOW in the forecast for Easter Monday across most of Germany. A few years ago, renowned warmist climate science professor Mojib Latif also chimed in, just after David Viner, in declaring snow and ice also would be…

A Damaged Amazon Rainforest Is A Net-Contributor To Global Warming – Intelligent Living

Rainforests help offset emissions from fossil fuel burning because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In recent years, scientists have been worried that deforestation, drought, carbon emissions, and rising temperatures reduce the world’s rainforests’ capacity to absorb CO2 –…

Is the Hyades star cluster being destroyed?

Data from ESA’s Gaia star-mapping satellite have revealed tantalizing evidence that the famous V-shaped Hyades – nearest star cluster to our sun – is being disrupted. The culprit may be a suspected population of dark matter sub-halos. Wow!

Hidden diversity of coral more important for conservation than previously thought

(California Academy of Sciences) Researchers say that our framework for classifying coral species needs to be expanded to capture ecological diversity and protect reef environments after discovering surprising differences between cryptic coral species.