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Tesla Model 3 On SuperCharger V3 — Adds 50% Range In Under 12 Minutes! (Charts!)

We have new data about the performance of Tesla’s new Supercharger version 3 (V3) when charging a Tesla Model 3 Long Range. It’s even faster than we thought! YouTuber Dagery recorded a charging session, showing the Tesla recovering 50% of the battery capacity in under 12 minutes

Tesla Model 3 On Supercharger V3 — Road Trip Performance Compared To Peers (Charts!)

With the release of the new Supercharger version 3 (V3) technology, Tesla is significantly boosting the charging speeds of the Model 3, and getting further ahead of the competition. In this article, we run numbers on the Model 3’s new capabilities on road trips and long journeys, and reveal how it compares with its peers

Supercharger V3 — Shocking Power & Smart Strategy By Tesla (Charts!)

On Wednesday night, the eagerly anticipated Tesla Supercharger Version 3 (V3) technology was unveiled, allowing the Model 3 Long Range to receive peak charging power of 250 kW! That’s well beyond the power levels expected by seasoned Tesla tech analysts (myself included). What does this all mean? Let’s dive in and discuss this new Supercharger technology

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