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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Fall is getting warmer in Philly. Here’s what that means for trees, ticks, and birds. – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Temperatures climbed well above normal a few days this week in Philadelphia, with Monday and Tuesday spiking eight degrees above the typical high of 80 for this time of year. While temperatures often fluctuate, historical data over the past five…

Soaring Natural Gas Prices Forcing UK Factories To Shut Down

Europe’s energy crunch has forced a major fertilizer maker to shut down two U.K. plants, the first sign that a record rally in gas and power prices is threatening to slow the region’s economic recovery. CF Industries Holdings Inc. said…


Reduce Waste With These School Lunch Recycling Tips

During 2018 and 2019, researchers from the University of Missouri and the University of Bologna (Italy) took time to find out how much waste was being generated during school lunches. Upwards of 53% of the foods in a school lunch were ending up in the trash. Compare this to 30% in Spain, 29% in Italy, […]

Climate Change is a Health Crisis. The Treatment is Legislative Climate Action | Opinion – Newsweek

A recent report from UNICEF stated that nearly half of the world’s children are at “extremely high risk” from the impacts of climate change including extreme heat. This report comes on the heels of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration…

Tackling climate change can boost food safety – Food Safety News

Stifling heat waves, droughts, devastating forest and wildland fires, flooding, violent cyclones, rising sea levels, human lives lost — we’ve heard about this and more in the news this summer. And while each story is grim enough in itself, they…

Philippine ‘Raptor Boy’ Shows It Takes a Village to Protect an Eagle Migration Route

This article was first published on Mongabay and has been re-printed with permission.  Half a decade ago, the curiosity of a 10-year-old boy helped ignite a love affair with birds that have swept up his village and helped bolster support for the protection of migratory raptors passing through the southern Philippines. It all started when […]

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The West is burning. Climate change is making it worse. –

California’s largest active fire continues to burn Sunday after tearing through a small community overnight. The Dixie Fire, which started earlier this month and has now burned more than 190,000 acres, forced a new wave of evacuations in Northern California…

Stem-Cell Based ‘Cure’ for Type-1 Diabetes Draws Nearer, With FDA Trials Launched

While type-2 diabetes is largely preventable, type-1 diabetes is a disruptive autoimmune disorder that was once thought incurable. ‘Once’ is the keyword here, as a new and uncontroversial form of stem cell treatment should be able to cure the disease once and for all. Relying on transforming a small piece of adult skin tissue into […]

The post Stem-Cell Based ‘Cure’ for Type-1 Diabetes Draws Nearer, With FDA Trials Launched appeared first on Good News Network.


Get Back to the Basics: Know How Recycling Works To Make It Effective

Recycling goes back farther than you might think. In the 1800s, collectors were known as “ragmen.” They would go from home to home looking to purchase people’s old rags. The ragmen sold those rags to industries that turned them into paper.At the same time, workers at local garbage sites would sort through the trash that […]

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