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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Only Way to Stop Global Warming – Modern Diplomacy

One way exists to stop global warming, but the mutual feedback cycles that are now accelerating global warming might already have achieved enough speed of increasing temperature so as to prevent even that one way from working, and therefore the…

Mass. Senate urged to act now on climate change – The Patriot Ledger

BOSTON – Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Kathleen Theoharides on Monday pressed state senators to begin investing immediately in infrastructure and ecological restoration that will prepare Massachusetts for the impacts of climate change. Theoharides said this summer’s high temperatures and…

CLOs, global warming and the great opportunity – Chief Learning Officer

President Joe Biden’s recent pronouncement that he intends to halve our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 with the help of major business leaders and companies is a pitch into the wheelhouse of chief learning officers. CLOs should knock this out…

Cattle losing adaptations to environment, MU researchers find

(University of Missouri-Columbia) In a new PLOS Genetics study, researchers have uncovered evidence showing that cattle are losing important environmental adaptations, losses the researchers attribute to a lack of genetic information available to farmers. After examining genetic material stretching back to the 1960s, they identified specific DNA variations associated with adaptations that could one day be used to create DNA tests for cattle — tests that could tell farmers whether their cattle are suited for one environment or another.

Paralyzed Man’s Brain Waves Get Turned Into Sentences on Computer, Scientists ‘Thrilled’ Beyond Words

Researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully developed a “speech neuroprosthesis” that has enabled a man with severe paralysis to communicate in sentences—translating signals from his brain to the vocal tract directly into words that appear as text on a screen. The achievement builds on more than a decade of effort by UCSF neurosurgeon Edward […]

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Blocking how the malaria parasite suppresses the immune response

(Ohio State University) The parasites that cause severe malaria are well-known for the sinister ways they infect humans, but new research may lead to drugs that could block one of their most reliable weapons: interference with the immune response.

Using archeology to better understand climate change – EurekAlert

Throughout history, people of different cultures and stages of evolution have found ways to adapt, with varying success, to the gradual warming of the environment they live in. But can the past inform the future, now that climate change is…

The key to global climate success – Brookings Institution

Recent advances in green technologies have made reaching net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050 not only technically feasible but also economically worthwhile. Meeting this goal—which has started to anchor expectations now that an increasing number of countries have adopted it—is necessary…

Global warming event a big success | – Aspen Times

The Global Warming Mitigation Project would like to thank everyone who came out to Fat City Gallery on Thursday evening for our Pioneering the Future event to enjoy art, community and conversations about climate solutions. A world of gratitude to…

Influential US climate report moves ahead — under new leadership –

NEWS 16 July 2021 With Allison Crimmins completing the new federal climate team, scientists say the fifth National Climate Assessment is back on solid ground. Jeff Tollefson Jeff Tollefson You have full access to this article via your institution. Extreme…

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