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News about Climate Change and our Planet


What will make you believe in global warming? How about a life-altering flood, study asks – The Colorado Sun

After overflowing rivers swept away homes, tossed cars downstream and left entire neighborhoods swamped with mud, researchers had a question for the survivors of the epic Colorado floods of 2013. Do you believe in climate change now? Today’s the day….


Two-thirds of Britons want faster action on climate, poll finds

Nearly 70% of British people want urgent political action to tackle climate change and protect the natural environment, according to research by a coalition of green charities. Theresa May, in one of her last acts as prime minister, has enshrined…

Global warming can be frightening. So this teacher focuses on solutions. – Yale Climate Connections

Duffer: ‘There was a lot of enthusiasm. It was a fun time. Students got into it.’ (Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Duffer) Global warming can be frightening. For Sarah Duffer of Asheville, North Carolina, that made it hard to teach in…

Today in science: Sally Ride in space

She was the 1st American woman in space, eventually flying on 2 Space Shuttle missions. She played a key role in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. And she inspired people.

We're close to solving the mystery of those flashing lights on the moon

The moon doesn’t lose a lot of staring contests. But every now and then, Earthlings who train telescopes on the natural satellite get a a real eye-opener: the moon blinks back at them. A light, often red or pink, may…

Obama EPA Spent $4.1 Million To Link Air Pollution To Eating Fast Food

Researchers were awarded more than $4 million by the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency to study whether exposure to air pollution led children to eat more fast food. The $4,146,875 grant was awarded in 2013 to fund a five-year study…

U-M researchers testing ways to make aspen-dominated forests resilient to climate change

(University of Michigan) In an aspen-dominated hardwood forest at the northern tip of the state’s Lower Peninsula, University of Michigan scientists are testing ways to make the region’s forests more resilient to climate change.

Climate change in West Africa

(University of Würzburg) A research center in West Africa examines strategies to address the climate change. Its German partner is the University of Würzburg; the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the initiative with 3.7 million euros.