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7 clever behaviors of octopuses

Do you ever wonder if octopuses will one day take over as the planet’s most intelligent species? (And let’s get something out of the way: yes, octopuses is the correct plural.) No one could blame you if you believed in…

Undercounting of agroforestry skews climate change mitigation planning and reporting

(University of Vermont) Scientists expose the lack of measurement of and reporting on agroforestry in international climate agreements. This has strong implications for accounting for both how much carbon IS being sequestered and how much COULD BE sequestered, given national planning and potential climate finance.

It’s time to pursue hospice, by Guy McPherson

It’s time to pursue hospice A Hearing was held by the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection on June 24, 2019, on the Resolution “Declaring a climate emergency and calling for an immediate emergency mobilization to restore a safe…


Video games offer clues to help curb animal disease outbreaks

As Asia and Europe battle African swine fever outbreaks, new research shows how farmers’ risk attitudes affect the spread of infectious animal diseases and offers a first-of-its kind model for testing disease control and prevention strategies. Getting just 10% of risk tolerant farmers to adopt biosecurity measures resulted in a significant reduction of disease, but keeping the disease under control required at least 40% of risk-takers to change their behaviors.

The Trump EPA strategy to undo Clean Power Plan

Posted on 24 June 2019 by dana1981 This is a re-post from Yale Climate Connections The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on June 19 published its “Affordable Clean Energy” (ACE) rule to replace the Obama EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). The replacement…

New therapy targets gut bacteria to prevent and reverse food allergies

A new study identifies the species of bacteria in the human infant gut that protect against food allergies, finding changes associated with the development of food allergies and an altered immune response.


The formula for telling sustainability stories that stick

Stories are everything — in corporate sustainability as in life. Facts and numbers help explain the world as it is, but narratives give it meaning. We turn to tales for teaching, selling products and services, and motivating the masses into action. From the fires of prehistory to the depths of the digital age, a good story can change the world.

The Science Loop: How Biased Thinking Is The Seed Of Junk Science

In an article in The Skeptical Inquirer May/June 2019 issue, an author dissects a Flat Earther school board presentation, seemingly surprised that it was “intelligently designed,” as if the key issue with junk science such as the flat earth model was…

Narwhals and belugas can interbreed

A team of researchers has compiled the first and only evidence that narwhals and beluga whales can breed successfully. DNA and stable isotope analysis of an anomalous skull from the Natural History Museum of Denmark has allowed researchers to confirm the existence of a narwhal-beluga hybrid.