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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Supply Chain Crisis? Mayor Pete Focused On Bike Paths, Wider Sidewalks

You will get out of your car and you will enjoy it, by order of the government. That is the message Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will deliver Monday when billions of dollars are made available under his department’s new Safe…

Memory Loss Was Reversed in Mice Using a Brain Liquid From Younger Peers in ‘Groundbreaking’ Study

Memory loss has been reversed in mice by injecting them with a brain liquid from younger peers in a “groundbreaking” new treatment.. The substance, called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), washes in and out of grey and white matter in waves—helping clear out waste. It bathes the tissue with proteins, or growth factors, that are vital for […]

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Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

The world’s biggest fossil fuel firms are quietly planning scores of “carbon bomb” oil and gas projects that would drive the climate past internationally agreed temperature limits with catastrophic global impacts, a Guardian investigation shows. The exclusive data shows these…

Microbial Responses to Climate Change in Three Major Ecosystems – AZoCleantech

Climate change is now generally accepted as humanity’s most serious contemporary challenge. According to a report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the situation has worsened, with 3.3 billion people globally vulnerable to climate change. This article…

Fighting climate change in a fragmented world – The Hill

Currently, seven astronauts are living on the International Space Station: three Americans, one European and three Russians. They may not agree on much outside the day-to-day management of their vessel, but they must cooperate on that task if they all…

Say goodbye to chardonnay: Global warming changing the wines Australia can make – Sydney Morning Herald

Australia’s most popular varieties suited to cooler climates – shiraz, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and sauvignon blanc – may not be as easy to grow as temperatures increase, he adds. Rainfall also plays a significant role in wine production….

Granderson: GOP denial will add to climate change body count – Los Angeles Times

You know, in all the times I’ve seen “The Godfather” — and I’ve watched that 1972 classic quite a bit — it never occurred to me that one day the Luca Brasis of the world could no longer be sent…

Trump’s Climate Challenge To The GOP

Sin, punishment, redemption: as an ideology, environmentalism shares many features with organized religion. Falling after Easter this year, Earth Day, which was celebrated on April 22, focuses on the sin-and-punishment parts of the trilogy. Redemption comes later, toward the end…

How You Think About Your Pain Can Make it Worse – But New Reprocessing Treatment Offers Cure

Could thinking about chronic pain differently succeed in dispelling it when all other treatments have failed? While statements like “mind over matter” or “it’s all in your head” may sound dismissive, there’s some truth to them. A new neurological recalibrating processes is experiencing a flood of professional interest—as it could help treat patients with chronic […]

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