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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Activist Researcher Back With Debunked Claims On Oil, Methane Emissions

A new Park Foundation-funded methane study is generating lots of anti-fracking headlines, despite its conclusions being at odds with the bulk of the scientific community. Cornell University professor and Food and Water Watch board member, Bob Howarth, is back and…


Revealed: ‘fierce’ Pacific forum meeting almost collapsed over climate crisis

Critical talks at the Pacific Islands Forum almost collapsed twice amid “fierce” clashes between the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, and Tuvalu’s prime minister, Enele Sopoaga, over Australia’s “red lines” on climate change. Ralph Regenvanu, Vanuatu’s foreign minister, who was…

Architectural History Offers Clues to Low-Carbon Relief from the Heat

As demand for air conditioning grows in the developing world, nature-based design could provide climate-friendly alternatives. The Hawa Mahal, a striking five-story palace in Jaipur, India, dates back to 1799, long before the invention of air conditioning.  Built for use…