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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Speaking the truth: Pacific Island countries lead the world in reporting on global warming – Monash Lens

Pacific islanders didn’t need US President Joe Biden to tell them that climate change poses “an existential threat”. They’ve been warning the West for years. Climate change communication researcher Tahnee Burgess has examined how Pacific Island journalists reported on global…

Climate change will lead to more extreme weather events. Is Texas prepared? – Austin American-Statesman

Freezing temperatures for nearly a week, with lows dipping into the single digits. Sheets of ice covering roads. Snowfall blanketing much of the state, totaling 15 inches in some areas. The historic winter weather that swept across Texas in February — crippling infrastructure…

Why aren’t we more afraid of global warming? The psychology of procrastinating on climate change – The Independent

“I don’t expect to die from old age,” Margaret Klein tells me matter-of-factly. The clinical psychologist-turned-climate-activist is talking to me over the phone from a New York City park, where she is walking her dog. “It’s hard to know exactly…

Amid global warming, why are we in a deep freeze? – The Daily Star

During winter, more often than not, a large part of northern United States is pummelled by an Arctic blast, sometimes severe, sometimes less severe, that lasts for a week or two. But this winter’s blast plunged not only the Midwest…


FRANCE: Meatless school meals spark furor in capital of gastronomy

By taking meat off the menu at school canteens, the ecologist mayor of one of France’s most famously gastronomic cities has kicked up a storm of protest and debate as the country increasingly questions the environmental costs of its meaty dietary habits.

Post-wildfire landslides becoming more frequent in southern California

(American Geophysical Union) Southern California can now expect to see post-wildfire landslides occurring almost every year, with major events expected roughly every ten years, a new study finds. The results show Californians are now facing a double whammy of increased wildfire and landslide risk caused by climate change-induced shifts in the state’s wet and dry seasons, according to researchers who mapped landslide vulnerability in the southern half of the state.

Gulf Stream System at its weakest in over a millennium

(Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)) Never before in over 1000 years the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), also known as Gulf Stream System, has been as weak as in the last decades. This is the result of a new study by scientists from Ireland, Britain and Germany. The researchers compiled proxy data, reaching back hundreds of years to reconstruct the AMOC flow history. They found consistent evidence that its slowdown in the 20th century is unprecedented in the past millennium.