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NOAA Predicts More Active Atlantic Hurricane Season In 2020

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has released its 2020 hurricane season forecast. NOAA predicts we will continue with the pattern of storms brewing above normal activity, but it will be even more extreme in the Atlantic this year. Aptly, the storm season has started early with Arthur, crossing one name off the list before the official start of the season [audio src=""]

Media-Touted Hurricane ‘Study’ Is A Deceptive, Cherry-Picked Mess

The media are breathlessly touting a cheap new “study” falsely asserting climate change is causing an increase in strong hurricanes. In reality, the study relies on deception, unethical data manipulation, and aggressive misrepresentation of quite normal short-term trends to support…

Coastal engineers: ‘Thinkers’ facing rising seas

(World Scientific) This timely book offers a compendium of design alternatives to reduce coastal flood and wave damage, erosion, and loss of ecosystems resulting from rising seas. A design ‘philosophy’ for water levels to year 2050 and to 2100 is included. Today’s designs must mitigate today’s storm damages and be adaptable for the unpredictable water levels and storms of the future. Online students and engineers working from home can opt for the e-book edition.

Are hurricanes linked to global warming?

Global warming is adding more moisture to the atmosphere, providing more fuel for big storms like hurricanes. But tropical cyclones are extremely complicated. How much can we really link them to human-induced climate change? It depends on the link. We…

Global warming is making hurricanes stronger – EarthSky

Hurricane Dorian on September 3, 2019. It was the 4th named storm, 2nd hurricane and 1st Category 5 hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. It’s also the 4th-strongest Atlantic hurricane (as measured by 1-minute sustained wind speeds) since reliable…