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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Emissions slashed today won’t slow warming until mid-century – The Economist

Jul 11th 2020 MUCH OF the international effort thus far to combat climate change has focused on cutting emissions of greenhouse gases, chief among them carbon dioxide. That is, of course, a rational approach. Global average temperatures are roughly 1.1°C…


A ‘regime shift’ is happening in the Arctic Ocean

Scientists find the growth of phytoplankton in the Arctic Ocean has increased 57 percent over just two decades, enhancing its ability to soak up carbon dioxide. While once linked to melting sea ice, the increase is now propelled by rising concentrations of tiny algae.


Why Does Boris The ‘Builder’ Have A Problem With Coal?

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, says his priority is: ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs.’ For Boris Johnson, it is: ‘Build, build, build.’ Last week, the Prime Minister declared his commitment to end unwarranted delays in the decision-making process, so as to make sure…

Tesla Giga Berlin: Steel, Dust, & Concrete

Tesla Giga Berlin, like a seed sprouting, now has steel, dust, and concrete. These three items may not seem like much, but these are the tendrils of a new seed of success planted in Germany, one that is taking root


Emissions from road construction could be halved using today’s technology

The construction sector accounts for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions, in Sweden and globally. Researchers studied the construction of an eight km stretch of road and calculated how emissions could be reduced now and by 2045, looking at everything from materials choice, production technology, supply chains and transport.

Scientists have created the world's first liquid metal lattice

[embedded content] Researchers have developed the world’s first liquid metal lattice, a design that could pave the way for devices that fully heal themselves when damaged. The team from Bingham University has already built several structures with it, from soccer…

A famous Mars meteorite, now with nitrogen

For the first time, nitrogen-containing organic molecules have been discovered in a Martian meteorite. The famous meteorite – Allan Hills 84001 – was picked up in Antarctica in 1984. The discovery provides more clues about habitable conditions on early Mars.

Leftists Want Us Quarantined To Push Their Grand Green Agenda

Leftists have turned to alchemy to try to transform the COVID-19 pandemic into their fabled climate emergency. Former ABC journalist Quentin Dempster tweeted on Thursday: “Australia’s National Cabinet should stay on to coordinate decarbonizing of energy/transport/manufacture to urgently mitigate climate…