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News about Climate Change and our Planet


New study says global warming could kill 83M people by the end of the century | TheHill – The Hill

A new study estimates climate change would cause 83 million excess deaths globally by the end of the century due to rising temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions.  The study published Thursday in the journal Nature Communications coined the term…

BBC’s Latest Crackpot Claim: Flash Floods Getting Worse Because…Climate

Today’s dose of BBC climate propaganda: Flash flooding affects cities across the world and has become more common because of climate change. Parts of London and the south of England were left underwater after heavy rain in July. What is…

Fiddling while Rome burns: climate change and international relations | OUPblog – OUPblog

It is Wednesday morning, my wife and kids have left for work and school and I am sitting in my home office, which has a beautiful view of the Gudenå river valley. I have the whole day to myself, no teaching, no…

Climate change has raised tricky questions over policy responses – Mint

From a heatwave in the Arctic region to devastating floods in many countries, the threat of climate change is now stark. Some new urgency can be seen in an official statement released by G20 environment ministers last weekend. It said…

Welcome to the Climate Apocalypse. (It will get worse.) – The Boston Globe

To put it bluntly, according to climate scientists: Yes, it is. “We are absolutely seeing the face of climate change in these extremes,” said Jennifer Francis, a senior scientist at the Woodwell Climate Research Center. Advertisement If you’ve known where…

Smithsonian Says These Moths Are So Gorgeous, They Put Butterflies to Shame: It’s National Moth Week

A New York photographer acquired a new lease on night in the Catskills during the draconian state lockdowns by suspending a white sheet in her yard illuminated with black lights and waiting to see who shows up. She is just one of many “moth-ers,” enthusiasts of the butterfly’s generally nocturnal cousin, that are taking to […]

The post Smithsonian Says These Moths Are So Gorgeous, They Put Butterflies to Shame: It’s National Moth Week appeared first on Good News Network.

Earth’s clouds are likely to increase global heating, scientists find –

While we see Earth getting warmer as the effects of climate change continue to escalate, our planet’s clouds make our planet hotter than ever, scientists worry.  By using a new approach to analyzing data from satellites, scientists in a new…

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