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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Could a technological fix save the planet from climate change? – FRANCE 24 English

Pessimism is growing about humanity’s ability to save the planet as world leaders prepare to convene for climate change talks at the COP26 summit in Glasgow on October 31. Faced with increasingly apocalyptic projections, some scientists are calling for plans…

Giant Eagle-Owl Unseen For 150 Years Just Caught on Camera

When Dr. Joseph Tobias saw how big the bird which had just flown over his head was, he had just assumed it was an eagle. After all, no other bird in Ghana could be so large. He was wrong. The Imperial College researcher and his colleague were the first to see a Shelley’s eagle owl […]

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Earth will warm 2.7 degrees Celsius based on current pledges to cut emissions – Science News Magazine

This year was supposed to be a turning point in addressing climate change. But the world’s nations are failing to meet the moment, states a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme. The Emissions Gap Report 2021: The Heat…

Climate Change: What Are the Economic Stakes? – Claims Journal

Article 0 Comments COP26 climate talks in Glasgow starting next Sunday may be the world’s best last chance to cap global warming at the 1.5-2 degrees Celsius upper limit set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement. The stakes for the…

I Played This Climate Change Game—and Lost Everything – Mother Jones – Mother Jones

Esther Derksen/Getty Images Fight disinformation. Get a daily recap of the facts that matter. Sign up for the free Mother Jones newsletter. This story was originally published by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration….

Yes, There Has Been Progress on Climate. No, It’s Not Nearly Enough. – The New York Times

As world leaders gather in Glasgow for aUnited Nations climate summit next week, the focus will be on one crucial number: How many degrees hotter will the Earth get? And how do we keep that number as small as possible?…

G20 split over coal, 1.5 degree climate limit ahead of Rome summit – sources – Reuters

A demonstrator holds up a sign as he attends a Fridays for Future climate strike in Milan, Italy ahead of Glasgow’s COP26 meeting. Picture taken on October 1, 2021. REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo/File Photo Rome G20 precedes UN ‘COP 26’ climate…

Caribbean pressing for limit to global warming rise – Amsterdam News

Caribbean leaders and experts preparing for next month’s climate change conference in the United Kingdom say they are beginning to get worried that the world might not be able to slow down the pace of global warming and the region…

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