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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change increases renters’ risks – Yale Climate Connections

In 2000, almost 8,000 affordable housing units in the United States were at risk from annual coastal flooding. By 2050, this number could rise to 24,518, according to a recent analysis by Climate Central. The nonprofit science-journalism organization found that…

Climate Change May Have Pushed Ancient Humans Into Extinction – Now. Powered by – Now. Powered by Northrop Grumman.

Throughout Earth’s history, climate change has pushed animal and plant species into extinction. About 250 million years ago, global warming triggered by massive volcanic eruptions wiped out 96 percent of all marine species during the Permian period, as Science magazine…

Mapping the past, present and future of West Virginia

(West Virginia University) As WVU’s latest NSF CAREER Award winner, Assistant Professor of Geography Aaron Maxwell will use big data to map what the surface of West Virginia looked like over the last 60 years. The funding includes $636,785 over five years.

Climate change: how bad could the future be if we do nothing? – The Conversation UK

The climate crisis is no longer a looming threat – people are now living with the consequences of centuries of greenhouse gas emissions. But there is still everything to fight for. How the world chooses to respond in the coming…

Marin Voice: Caring about climate change key for county’s teens, young adults – Marin Independent Journal

Spring is a beautiful time not to care about climate change in California. By late March, the mountains have turned green again, pink flowers are everywhere and benevolent winds blow easy temperatures across the valleys and striking coastlines of the…

The length of a day on Venus is always changing

Scientists have used radio waves to precisely measure Venus’ spin rate and tilt on its axis. We knew the Venus day was exceedingly long, but now we know that the length of a day on Venus regularly changes in length!

Global warming is the legacy we must not leave to our grandchildren – The Times

Last Friday we drove north to Ullapool for a couple of nights’ stay in a newly reopened Ceilidh Place. Both double-jabbed, our mission was to see our two sons, their partners and our four grandchildren again. The youngest had just…

New study deconstructs Dunbar’s number

(Stockholm University) An individual human can maintain stable social relationships with about 150 people, not more. This is the proposition known as ‘Dunbar’s number’ – that the architecture of the human brain sets an upper limit on our social lives. A new study from Stockholm University indicates that a cognitive limit on human group sizes cannot be derived in this manner.

Letter: Beating climate change means tough choices on solar and EVs – Financial Times

Martin Sandbu is an optimist. He thinks that daily life will pretty much stay the same in our ongoing battle against global warming (Opinion, April 26). I like optimism, but I see tough choices ahead. First, from where do we…