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Today Marks 3000 Days on Mars For the Genius ’Curiosity Rover‘ –See Celebration Photos From the Red Planet

Tuesday was the 3,000th day, or “Sol,” during which NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been trundling about on the surface of the Red Planet. The images the rover has beamed back have colored in the dreams of thousands of Star Wars, Star Trek, and John Carter fans, and our understanding of what the closest, potentially habitable […]

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DeepLabCut-Live! real-time marker-less motion capture for animals

Behavioral scientists introduce DeepLabCut-Live!, a deep-learning tool that can enable real-time feedback studies on animal movement and posture. The software features ‘maker-less’ real-time motion capture, can interface with lab hardware for neurological analysis, and is now available open source for use by researchers.

This is Baby Yoda Cat, and she's looking for a forever home

An injured cat bearing a resemblance to a popular “Star Wars” character has been rescued in North Carolina, and cat lovers can’t get enough of her photos. The adorable feline was found by a shelter volunteer in Kannapolis, North Carolina,…

Check Out This Wicked Awesome Tesla Model 3 Inspired By Star Wars

There’s no doubt that Peter Litherland is a serious Star Wars fan. Growing up in Vancouver, Peter dragged his Mom to the theater to see the original Star Wars film back in 1977. Nowadays, he dresses up as a Star Wars character every year for Halloween. So, when Peter decided to get a Tesla Model 3, he had an idea

Move Over Tony Stark, Elon Musk Admits To James Bond Villain Side Project

He may or may not have been digging around in his pocket to find his bowtie, but even without it, Elon Musk’s jacket started looking a bit more like a Tuxedo jacket when a shareholder from the audience dropped the last question of the day. The shareholder in question asked if Tesla had any plans [&hellip

Mike Lee Compares GND’s Seriousness To Reagan On A Velociraptor

Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah.) delivered a speech replete with Star Wars references, Aquaman cartoons, and Ronald Reagan on a velociraptor to colleagues Tuesday that he said addressed the Green New Deal “with the level of seriousness it deserves.” “This…

As uniform as cloned soldiers, new spiders were named after the Stormtroopers in Star Wars

Despite being widely distributed across north and central South America, the small family of similarly looking bald-legged spiders had never been confirmed in Colombia. However, a new research paper describes a total of six previously unknown species inhabiting the country, with four of them belonging to a new genus named Stormtropis — after the clone trooper army in the famous Star Wars franchise.