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Speaking the truth: Pacific Island countries lead the world in reporting on global warming – Monash Lens

Pacific islanders didn’t need US President Joe Biden to tell them that climate change poses “an existential threat”. They’ve been warning the West for years. Climate change communication researcher Tahnee Burgess has examined how Pacific Island journalists reported on global…

Scientists Achieve Breakthrough, Talking With Lucid Dreamers in Their Sleep—And There’s Now An App For That

Dreams take us to an alternative reality while we’re fast asleep. So, you might not expect that a person in the midst of a vivid dream would be able to perceive incoming questions and provide answers to them. But a new study led by Northwestern University researchers shows that, in fact, they can—and they developed […]

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What is a quasar?

A quasar is an extremely bright and distant point-like source visible to radio telescopes. The source is a so-called Active Galactic Nucleus, fueled by a supermassive black hole.

France and climate change: State failure and liability for environmental harm – JD Supra

While the technical feasibility of a decarbonised economy essentially based on renewable energies is taking shape,[1] the French Republic has just been found liable for environmental harm in relation to climate change by the French administrative judge. At stake, France’s…

Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge

(Washington University in St. Louis) Aridification in the central plains of China during the early Bronze Age did not cause population collapse, a result that highlights the importance of social resilience to climate change, according to new research from Washington University in St. Louis. Instead of a collapse amid dry conditions, development of agriculture and increasingly complex human social structures set the stage for a dramatic increase in human population around 3,900 to 3,500 years ago.

U.S. must go ‘well beyond Paris commitments’ to avert catastrophic global warming, warns scientist – CNBC

Scientist Michael Mann argued that the United States must go “well beyond those Paris commitments” as President Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement Friday.  “We have to ratchet up the commitments now if we are to stay on course…