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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Arctic is burning in a whole new way

‘Zombie fires’ and burning of fire-resistant vegetation are new features driving Arctic fires — with strong consequences for the global climate — warn international fire scientists.


Climate change threatens breeding birds

Surviving on a warming planet can be a matter of timing — but simply shifting lifecycle stages to match the tempo of climate change has hidden dangers for some animals, according to new research. The study has uncovered drastic consequences for birds that are breeding earlier in lockstep with earlier starts of spring: chicks hatching earlier face increased risk of poor weather conditions, food shortages and mortality.

Mercury in the west after sunset

Live in the Southern Hemisphere? Take advantage of your golden opportunity to view Mercury in the evening sky now. Live in the Northern Hemisphere? Give Mercury a try after sunset! You might see it.

Scientists predict potential spread, habitat of invasive Asian giant hornet

Researchers have predicted how and where the Asian giant hornet, an invasive newcomer to the Pacific Northwest, popularly dubbed the ‘murder hornet,’ could spread and find ideal habitat, both in the United States and globally.

Forest margins may be more resilient to climate change than previously thought

A warming climate and more frequent wildfires do not necessarily mean the western United States will see the forest loss that many scientists expect. Dry forest margins may be more resilient to climate change than previously thought if managed appropriately, according to researchers.