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News about Climate Change and our Planet



WHITE HOUSE: Docs: Trump aides pushed EPA for fewer methane checks

EPA bowed to White House pressure to reduce requirements for monitoring and repairing methane leaks at facilities that push natural gas through pipelines. EPA staffers said it could “compromise” the legal underpinning of the rule.


SCIENCE: Trump’s climate views are extreme, even for deniers

President Trump isolated himself by claiming that rising temperatures will suddenly reverse. Opponents of climate action have largely abandoned that rhetoric because it reveals a profound misunderstanding of greenhouse gases and their effect on the atmosphere.


WHITE HOUSE: Trump on climate: ‘I don’t think science knows actually’

President Trump doubled down on his denial of climate change yesterday by saying that scientists are wrong and claiming the world will “start getting cooler.” His comments came as historic wildfires roared nearby.


Is Kamala Harris a reliable climate leader?

Harris, the democratic vice-presidential candidate, expressed support for the Green New Deal, but has represented the establishment wing of the Democratic party throughout her political career


WILDFIRES: A rebuilt Paradise nervously watches the horizon

The mountain town is making a comeback after being incinerated 22 months ago. When residents saw smoke last week, it raised alarms again about the dangers of living on the front lines of climate change.


TECHNOLOGY: Little boats for whale songs sail into climate hot spots

Small unmanned watercraft are revolutionizing oceanography and beginning to answer questions about climate change that have troubled scientists for decades. One of them was originally designed to sneak up on whales.