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News about Climate Change and our Planet



EMISSIONS: Quitting burgers and planes won’t stop warming, experts say

Eating less red meat, boarding fewer airplanes and buying efficient lightbulbs can all help reduce planet-warming emissions. But focusing on individual actions can undermine the global fight against climate change, according to experts.

Climate Models Got It Right on Global Warming – Scientific American

There’s a favorite argument among doubters of mainstream climate science: Climate models overestimate the rate at which the Earth is warming. That claim surfaces time and again and is frequently based on single examples of uncertainty or cherry-picked data. Various…


WHITE HOUSE: Ex-Trump adviser: ‘Brainwashed’ aides killed climate review

President Trump personally endorsed a plan to ignite a public clash over the accuracy of climate science before the idea was rejected by “brainwashed” officials in the White House, a former adviser said yesterday in his first public remarks since leaving the administration.


CLIMATE IMPACTS: Insurers cherry-pick homes, leave flooded ones for feds

Taxpayers could be forced to spend billions of dollars to bail out the federal government’s flood program as private-sector insurers begin covering homes with little risk of flooding while clustering peril-prone properties in the indebted public program.


LOBBYING: Under pressure, 2 utilities ditch pro-coal trade group

American Electric Power Co. and Southern Co. will not renew their membership in the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity next year, leaving the prominent trade association without any utility members.


CLIMATE IMPACTS: How warming helped spark a revolution in Lebanon

Weeks before government protesters shut down freeways and set fires in the streets, Lebanon was already burning. Unusual wildfires and other effects related to climate change sharpened unrest over government corruption and turned this tiny nation into a cauldron of rebellion.

He’s Back! Al Gore Returns With Another Odious Climate-Change Telethon

Former Vice President Al Gore is back in the spotlight (sort of) and looking to capitalize on the sudden hotness of climate change with a 24-hour telethon broadcasting from Vanderbilt University called “24 Hours of Reality,” and a series of…