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News about Climate Change and our Planet



RESEARCH: USDA once hid climate reports. Now adaptation is a priority

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will allow agency scientists to study how farmers are responding to climate change. Adaptation is a top theme over the next five years for a department that has been accused of suppressing scientific reports.


LITERATURE: Meet cli-fi. It’s dark, it’s gloomy — and it might help

New Orleans is gone; so is Florida. Oil is outlawed, and the nation is plunged into a second civil war marked by disease and desperate refugees. Climate fiction is a growing genre that might help readers grapple with their anxieties — or add to them.


ENERGY TRANSITIONS: The question BP didn’t answer: How?

The British oil giant sent shock waves through the industry by announcing plans to be carbon neutral. That raises a question that might take years to answer: Can it succeed and still be an oil company?


Dietary interventions may slow onset of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders

Significantly reducing dietary levels of the amino acid methionine could slow onset and progression of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis in high-risk individuals, according to new findings.


EMISSIONS: An oil company wants to take CO2 from air. Here’s why

Occidental Petroleum Corp., the Texas shale titan, is trying to transform itself into a “carbon manager.” In the past two years, it has invested in an array of enterprises aimed at cutting carbon from factories, power plants and the atmosphere itself.


CLIMATE IMPACTS: Snowiest place on Earth grapples with disaster: Clear skies

SAPPORO, Japan — One of the world’s most popular snow festivals was nearly derailed this year by a problem that’s become increasingly well-known to winter sports organizers — warm temperatures and a lack of snow.


CAMPAIGN 2020: Iowa ‘chaos’ could reshape future climate campaigns

The mishaps that shadowed the Iowa caucuses last night throw into doubt the state’s future as the first primary contest while potentially reshaping the way presidential campaigns talk about climate change.