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NBC News Ridiculed After ‘Climate Confessions’ Backfires Spectacularly

In an effort to invoke maximum first-world guilt over our addiction to red meat and plastic straws, someone at NBC thought it would be a great idea to let people anonymously “confess” to their climate sins in order to shame the rest…

Scientists find biology’s optimal ‘molecular alphabet’ may be preordained

(Tokyo Institute of Technology) Life uses 20 coded amino acids (CAAs) to construct proteins. This set was likely evolutionarily ‘standardized’ from smaller sets as organisms discovered how to make and encode them. Scientists modeled how the adaptive properties of the CAAs evolved over time. They found that sets containing even only a few CAAs were better than an enormous choice of alternatives, suggesting each time a modern CAA was discovered, it bootstrapped the set to include still more CAAs.

11 interesting facts about the lefties we love

Left-handed people make up 10% of the human population on average, but chances are you know a southpaw. Why some people are left-handed has always been a bit of a puzzle, but researchers have found some interesting defining leftie characteristics…


Many thanks to many supporters of the League Against Cruel Sports for adding their names to our e-petition (and to LACS staff for their asssistance). Today is already the strongest day for the e-petition for a while with over 4500…


Nearly 200 US cities are seeing more extremely hot days, analysis finds

Nearly 200 US cities have seen an increase in the number of days each year that soar beyond a heat index of 90F (32.2C) or higher, according to an analysis of the last four decades. How US cities are scrambling…


Climate change to shrink economies of rich, poor, hot and cold countries alike unless Paris Agreement holds

Detrimental economic effects of global warming are likely to go beyond those being discussed in policy circles — particularly for wealthier nations, say researchers. Study suggests that 7% of global GDP will disappear by 2100 as a result of business-as-usual carbon emissions — including over 10% of incomes in both Canada and the United States.

WaPo Raves About Gore-Inspired Baseball Player Trying To Save The World

Brent Suter is a relief pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers who isn’t looking to Mariano Rivera or Lee Smith, two relievers who were recently inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame, for his inspiration. His role model is Al Gore, and…