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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Diverse microbes are key to healthy soil. Climate change is threatening that. – Popular Science

Many potential effects of climate change on humans, wildlife, and plants are relatively well-understood. Higher temperatures and extreme weather events can lead to food insecurity, loss of habitats, and the decline or extinction of species of living things. However, it’s also important to discuss…

Climate change: The ‘irreversible’ impacts of global warming – Times of India

“What makes climate change difficult is that it is not an instantaneous catastrophic event, it’s a slow-moving issue that, on a day-to-day basis, people don’t experience and don’t see.”- During one of the interviews, Barack Obama, Ex-President, USA drew attention…

Rare ‘Dinosaur Bird’ Patiently Awaits a Lifelong Mate to Populate the Magnificent Species

An extremely rare ‘dinosaur’ bird, the only one of its kind in the UK, is patiently awaiting a new mate while the Exmoor Zoo sets out to help save the shoebill species. She recently arrived from the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium where she was a newborn star in their international breeding program. The unique-looking […]

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Climate Change Isn’t a Threat Multiplier. It’s the Main Threat. – Defense One

Why hasn’t humanity responded to climate change—currently on track to produce global catastrophe—with the same intensity in which we respond to military threats? And is there a way to reorient the defense sector to enable and support a whole-of-society effort…

You Can Spot Climate Change in Old Restaurant Menus – The Atlantic

City of Vancouver Archives Vancouver, British Columbia, is nothing short of a seafood paradise. Situated at the mouth of the formerly salmon-rich Fraser River, the city overlooks Vancouver Island to the west, and beyond that, the open Pacific Ocean. Long…

Global warming and future pandemics – PRESSENZA – International News Agency

A study published in the journal Nature says that animal migration due to rising global temperatures and habitat destruction will lead to a “network of new viruses” that could affect human health. As a possible mitigation plan, they urge governments…

Can Phoenix, the hottest city in America, survive climate change? – Yahoo News

PHOENIX — On the downtown streets in America’s hottest city the temperature has hit 109 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon in late June and the sidewalks are mostly empty, but an elderly woman carrying an umbrella passes…

The Pandemic Showed We Totally CAN Limit Global Warming. Here’s How – ScienceAlert

With researchers warning that limiting global warming to 1.5 °C is fast slipping from our grasp, we know it will take a mammoth effort to reach. But the scale of emissions reductions required is actually something we have already achieved before…

Smell of Desert Rain May Be Good for Health

Desert dwellers know it well: the smell of rain and the feeling of euphoria that comes when a storm washes over the parched earth. That feeling, and the health benefits that come with it, may be the result of oils and other chemicals released by desert plants after a good soaking, new research suggests. “The […]

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Brazil’s biodiversity at risk in projected global warming overshoot – National Post

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Politics PMN News PMN Environment Author of the article: Reuters Andre Cabette Fabio, Thomson Reuters Foundation Article content By Andre Cabette Fabio RIO DE JANEIRO, June 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Many of Brazil’s unique creatures,…

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