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News about Climate Change and our Planet


IPCC Report: New Warnings on Global Warming – Energy Industry Review

According to the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), issued at the end of last year, global warming causes ever-increasing and, in some cases, irreversible changes in rainfall, ocean and wind patterns in all parts of…


Here’s how to solve the UK energy crisis for the long term – store more power

Soaring energy bills rooted in a global gas supply crunch have focused minds on the age-old problem: how can we better store power? Attention has turned to the closure of the Rough gas storage facility in the North Sea in…

’60 Minutes’ Whines About Wine Despite Data Showing Bountiful Grape Yields

In a segment in CBS’s long-running weekly news program 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl interviewed a few vintners in France who say climate change is destroying its wine and champagne industries. Data shows otherwise. Although France suffered low production in 2021 due…

Effects of climate change taking root in the wine industry – 60 Minutes – CBS News

What are the signs of global warming? Glaciers are melting at an increasingly rapid pace. Persistent droughts are spreading. Well, we have another to tell you about – wine, as in what you probably cracked open for Christmas dinner. Farmers…

Experimental Treatment in Spain Puts 18 Cancer Patients in Complete Remission

18 out of 30 Spanish patients with incurable blood cancer are in complete remission, and a few more have seen the cancer’s progression stopped in its tracks, thanks to a new and much cheaper treatment option. Using a patient’s own white blood cells, doctors reprogramed them to better identify and attack the cancerous cells which […]

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Wildfires produced record-breaking emissions this year from U.S. to Turkey – CNBC

A Cal Fire firefighter from the Lassen-Modoc Unit watches as an air tanker makes a fire retardant drop on the Dixie Fire as trees burn on a hillside on August 18, 2021 near Janesville, California. Patrick T. Fallon | AFP…

The language of climate is evolving, from “change” to “catastrophe” – Fast Company

“Global warming” is out. “Climate catastrophe” is in. advertisement advertisement The language of climate change has shifted over time, according to data collected by linguistic learning platform Babbel, and the Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO) at the University of…


Why climate-change gardening means breaking all the rules

Early in 2010, I moved from a home with a small, tidy back garden in Brighton to a wild smallholding more than 200 metres above sea level in Llandysul in Wales. Concerns about the climate crisis were at the heart…

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