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7 clever behaviors of octopuses

Do you ever wonder if octopuses will one day take over as the planet’s most intelligent species? (And let’s get something out of the way: yes, octopuses is the correct plural.) No one could blame you if you believed in…

A small asteroid hit us last weekend

Asteroid 2019 MO exploded in our atmosphere with an energy of about 3 to 5 kilotons of TNT. Such events happen once or twice yearly, astronomers say. Most are unexpected, but this space rock was detected hours before it struck.

Flows (2)

This area of bog and cotton grass used to be a conifer plantation. Who’d have known? Thirty- three years ago when I first worked in the Flow Country of Sutherland and Caithness I often drove along the road north of…

Viewing Saturn’s rings soon? Read me 1st

The best time of 2019 for seeing Saturn’s glorious rings is upon us. You’ve seen the photos, but maybe you want to see the rings with your own eyes? Here are a few things to think about.

It’s time to pursue hospice, by Guy McPherson

It’s time to pursue hospice A Hearing was held by the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection on June 24, 2019, on the Resolution “Declaring a climate emergency and calling for an immediate emergency mobilization to restore a safe…


Ecokit offers innovative, eco-friendly, tech-rich housing in a box

A quick trip to IKEA can afford you multiple pieces of furniture you can load into your car and haul home to later be put together by simply following some universal directions. With this idea of ease in mind, imagine being able to construct an entire house. Now you can. <!–more→ Ecokit, the product of sisters Camilla and Pavla, is a house in a box, more or less. Beginning with a design, each of the 4,000+ parts are then cut by a single-arm robot or programmed CNC machine. After…