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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Merits Of Syukuro Manabe Winning A Nobel Prize Are Confusing

The Nobel Committee has given the following reason for their choice of awarding the prize for Physics to researchers Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselman: “For the physical modeling of the Earth’s climate, quantifying variability and reliably predicting global warming.” The…

Photosynthesis in Venus’ atmosphere?

Photosynthesis in Venus’ atmosphere may be possible, according to a new study. The findings support the idea that microbes could exist and even thrive in the more temperate regions of the planet’s cloud layers.

The post Photosynthesis in Venus’ atmosphere? first appeared on EarthSky.

Kyrsten Sinema Wants to Cut $100 Billion in Proposed Climate Funds, Sources Say – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who began her political career with the Green Party and who has voiced alarm over the warming planet, wants to cut at least $100 billion from climate programs in major legislation pending on…

How Can We Overcome Anthropogenic Climate Change Effects on Marine Species and Ecology? – AZoCleantech

Human-induced climate change has led to a significant increase in the oceans’ temperatures. As a result of this, species and ecosystems are under threat of extinction. This article dives into ocean warming and explains some of the ways we can…

Boris And Greta’s Quest For Climate Domination Is Getting Tiresome

Having wasted seven minutes of my life watching Saint Greta address the Youth4Climate – yes, I know what you are thinking – there are only two conclusions to reach. First, she should have stayed at school to achieve a higher…

A Mathematician Musician Just Made an Electronic Music Album Made Entirely of Wavelengths from Black Holes – Listen

Seeking to combine his love of numbers and data with music and emotion, a Belgian mathematician has created an electronic music album derived from data gathered from black holes. By translating data from simulations of black hole mergers, gravitational waves, neutron stars, elementary particle behavior near black holes and white dwarfs into sounds, Valery Vermeulen […]

The post A Mathematician Musician Just Made an Electronic Music Album Made Entirely of Wavelengths from Black Holes – Listen appeared first on Good News Network.

Fossil Fuels Are Back — Everywhere Except The U.S.A.

While the greens in America, including their champion zealot, Joe Biden, howl their primal screams over climate change, the rest of the world is turning to coal. The dark stuff. The satanic fuel. But it’s back big time across the…

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