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Letter: Beating climate change means tough choices on solar and EVs – Financial Times

Martin Sandbu is an optimist. He thinks that daily life will pretty much stay the same in our ongoing battle against global warming (Opinion, April 26). I like optimism, but I see tough choices ahead. First, from where do we…

How a Greentech Success Provides a Model for Battling Climate Change – Built In

As the climate crisis and its compounding effects increase in both frequency and severity around the globe, the reality that world leaders have failed to meet the greatest challenge of our time with practical climate policy solutions becomes more evident….

Denmark’s largest battery – one step closer to storing green power in stones

(Aarhus University) A new innovation project, funded by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) under the Danish Energy Agency, is aiming for a breakthrough in the storage of intermittent wind and solar electricity. The project will use pea sized pebbles in large steel tanks and the prototype constructed for the project will be the largest storage facility in the Danish electricity system.

Biden’s Bet on a Climate Transition Carries Big Risks

Richard Rhodes, the energy historian whose recent book, “Energy: A Human History,” recounts the technologies and innovation that transformed energy over centuries, said an Italian physicist, Cesare Marchetti, discovered a hard truth in the 1970s after studying thousands of energy…

Climate change will not be fixed without Africa – Atlantic Council

World leaders appear on a video screen during a virtual Climate Summit with world leaders in the East Room at the White House in Washington, U.S., on April 23, 2021. Photo credit: Reuters/Tom Brenner. When Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi spoke…

Biden And Kerry Get Humiliated But Are Too Dumb To Realize It

Once again, it’s Earth Day. The first such day was 51 years ago, April 22, 1970. Since that first one, Earth Day has served as an annual opportunity for sanctimonious, socialist-minded apocalypticists to issue prophesies of imminent environmental doom. Here…

Here comes the sun: Tethered-balloon tests ensure safety of new solar-power technology

(DOE/Sandia National Laboratories) Researchers from Sandia National Laboratories recently used 22-foot-wide tethered balloons to collect samples of airborne dust particles to ensure the safety of an emerging solar-power technology. The study determined that the dust created by the new technology is far below hazardous levels, said Cliff Ho, the lead researcher on the project. Ho’s team just received $25 million from the Department of Energy to build a pilot plant that will incorporate this technology.

China’s Solar Dominance Presents Biden With Human Rights Dilemma

WASHINGTON — President Biden has repeatedly pledged to work with China on issues like climate change while challenging Beijing on human rights and unfair trade practices. But those goals are now coming into conflict in the global solar sector, presenting…

EIA: U.S. CO2 Emissions Dropped 11% In 2020; No Change In Rising Atmospheric CO2

Climate change action proponents regularly tell us we have to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to prevent “climate change”, even to the point of curtailing industry, travel, and food consumption. Fortunately, a real-world test of just those very things…