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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Australia received 5th and 6th Fossil awards at COP25 showing lack of climate policy

Australia received two Fossil awards on Thusday night, 12 December, the second last scheduled day of the UN climate conference in Madrid. The first award was a stand alone for pushing use of Kyoto Protocol credits as carryover to the…

Fossil Awards to Japan, Brazil and a Ray of the Year to the IPCC

Wednesday Fossil of the Day ceremony was a tough one to organise. Half the Fossil of the Day Team had been locked out of the conference centre by the heavy handed tactics of UN Security. First prize went to Japan…

UNFCCC closes the door literally on civil society demanding climate justice at COP25

Multiple civil society organisations including indigenous and environmental groups co-ordinated a protest outside the main Plenary – Baker Room this afternoon, to protest the lack of action during this COP on multiple fronts, and the continuing attack on the space…

New spray gel could help take the bite out of frostbite

(American Chemical Society) Mountaineers and winter sports enthusiasts know the dangers of frostbite — the tissue damage that can occur when extremities, such as the nose, ears, fingers and toes, are exposed to very cold temperatures. However, it can be difficult to get treated quickly in remote, snowbound areas. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering have developed a convenient gel that could be sprayed onto frostbite injuries when they occur, helping wounds heal.

Young orcas eat better and live longer when grandma is around

It’s hard to measure how much we benefit from the influence of a grandmother. Grandmothers have a wealth of wisdom and experience — and that translates into all kinds of valuable life lessons. We’re hardly the only species to value…

The truth about why pets get returned

Oh, the joy of the holidays, with the possibility of a squirming puppy or fluffy kitten waiting under the Christmas tree. But what happens when house training gets frustrating or an eager child gets bored with his new furry friend?…

First Nobel Prize Summit to be held in Washington, D.C., April 29-May 1, 2020

(National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine) The first-ever Nobel Prize Summit, Our Planet, Our Future, will bring together Nobel Laureates and other world-renowned experts and leaders to advance new insights into global sustainable development and explore actions that need to be taken to ensure humanity’s future on a prosperous, stable, and resilient planet. The three-day summit will be held at the US National Academy of Sciences, with related events expected to be held at other institutions and venues throughout Washington, D.C.

Natural ecosystems protect against climate change

(University of Göttingen) The identification of natural carbon sinks and understanding how they work is critical if humans are to mitigate global climate change. Tropical coastal wetlands are considered important but, so far, there is little data to show the benefits. This study, led by the University of Göttingen showed that mangrove ecosystems need to be conserved and restored as part of the battle against rising carbon levels in the atmosphere. The research was published in Global Change Biology.

At UN Climate Summit, Alarmists Put Dogma Over Science

Looking back, the climate alarmist’s movement started with Al Gore’s 2007 movie when he proclaimed the imminent extinction of the polar bears due to global warming. Since the population of polar bears has blossomed over the last decade, we’ve yet…