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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Green Raw Deal: Biden’s Suicide Pact With The Radical Left

The following is an excerpt from “The Green Raw Deal” chapter in Sean Spicer’s new book, Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America. On Monday, February 15, 2021, eleven-year-old Cristian Pavon Pineda was excitedly playing in…

Misleading posts claim record Antarctica cold disproves global warming – AFP Factcheck

Copyright AFP 2017-2021. All rights reserved. Social media posts cite record cold temperatures in Antarctica as evidence that global warming is exaggerated or non-existent. But glaciologists and climate scientists say the cold weather does not mean climate change is not…

How Russia Is Cashing In on Climate Change – The New York Times

PEVEK, Russia — A refurbished port. A spanking new plant to generate electricity. Repaved roads. And money left over to repair the library and put in a new esplanade along the shore of the Arctic Ocean. Globally, the warming climate…

Wading Through 20-Inch Deep Moss Is Like Walking on a Pillow of Green Snow

For all the curious attributes inherent in mosses, height is not among them. But a video of two jolly lads trudging through a field of 20-inch deep moss serves to make us feel like that’s a shame. Like a pillowy green snow that doesn’t fall down the back of your neck if you jump in […]

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Climate change a double blow for oil-rich Mideast: Experts – Deccan Herald

The climate crisis threatens a double blow for the Middle East, experts say, by destroying its oil income as the world shifts to renewables and by raising temperatures to unliveable extremes. Little has been done to address the challenge in…

‘Season Of Shivers’: Old Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Bone-Chilling Winter

Brrr! The 2022 Old Farmer’s Almanac comes with a winter warning: Prepare for a “Season of Shivers.” This winter will be punctuated by positively bone-chilling, below-average temperatures across most of the United States. “This coming winter could well be one of…

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