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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Why dogs love the cold and playing in the snow

When temperatures drop or snow starts to fall, many of us hibernate inside under warm blankets — after stocking up on bread and milk, of course. But not our dogs. Cold? They love the cold! They run around the yard…


The simplest of climate models run decades ago accurately projected global warming – Washington Post

Global average surface temperature change from 1970 through 2019 (so far). (Berkeley Earth) Andrew Freedman Editor focusing on extreme weather, climate change, science and the environment. December 4 at 1:23 PM It’s a common refrain from those who question mainstream…

Meteorological winter arrives with a roar in North America

It’s December, which means it’s “meteorological winter” for the Northern Hemisphere. And while there are still a few weeks until the winter solstice — which marks the official beginning of “astronomical winter” on Dec. 21 — the weather across much…

Climate change and human activities threatens picky penguins

(University of Saskatchewan) Eating a krill-only diet has made one variety of Antarctic penguin especially susceptible to the impacts of climate change, according to new research involving the University of Saskatchewan (USask) which sheds new light on why some penguins are winners and others losers in their rapidly changing ecosystem.


With climate change, Washington may have entered era of more blockbuster snowstorms but less snow overall – Washington Post

A largely deserted Connecticut Avenue around Dupont Circle during the beginning of the Snowzilla storm on Jan. 22, 2016, in Washington. (Craig Hudson for The Washington Post/For The Washington Post) Andrew Freedman Editor focusing on extreme weather, climate change, science…

We're celebrating 'Friendsgiving' in rural America

Wondering what “Atlanta to Appalachia” is all about? It’s part of an occasional series about life in the wilds of West Virginia through the eyes of a couple who never dreamed they’d love it there. Read previous installments here. *…

NASA embarks on 5 US expeditions targeting air, land and sea

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA is sending 5 airborne campaigns across the United States in 2020 to investigate fundamental processes that ultimately impact human lives and the environment, from snowstorms along the East Coast to ocean eddies off the coast of San Francisco.

Skating on fresh ice is a treat, especially when life gets complicated

[embedded content] A couple and their dog visited a lake in Chickaloon, Alaska, in mid-November. And lucky for us, they brought their ice skates! The video above shows them majestically gliding along the freshly frozen ice, with mountains and snow…