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More rain and less snow means increased flood risk

By analyzing more than two decades of data in the western US, scientists have shown that flood sizes increase exponentially as a higher fraction of precipitation falls as rain, offering insight into how flood risks may change in a warming world with less snow.

Dying rescue dog is a police K-9 for a day

Eddie the rescue dog doesn’t have long to live, but he certainly has packed a lot of adventures into his remaining time. Most recently, he got to suit up and be a police K-9 for a day, complete with answering…

Massive U.S. snowstorm births a 'snow dragon' in Maine

[embedded content] When nearly 100 million people are under winter weather alerts across the United States, a few are bound to get creative. Building a snowman is one option, but one group of snow lovers in Maine took their creation…

How to help hummingbirds in winter

Hummingbirds get little relief from hunger, thanks to the fastest metabolism of any vertebrate animal. Native plant nectar is usually their best food source, but since hummingbirds can starve after just a few hours without food, humans often lend a…

TV Presenter’s First Sleigh Ride! | Reindeer Family and Me | BBC Earth

Gordon goes on his first ever sleigh ride across a frozen lake. Not quite Father Christmas, but an unforgettable experience nevertheless.Subscribe: Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Reindeer Family And MeWildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan…

NRL researching rivers in the sky

(Naval Research Laboratory) Meteorologists at the US Naval Research Laboratory plan to take a harder look in 2020 at a prime, yet difficult to model, component of the global water cycle known as atmospheric rivers.

What you can see on fee-free days at U.S. national parks this year

The United States has so many national parks and protected wilderness areas to explore, but some of those spots have entrance fees or activities fees. While the fees help to support the sites, they can sometimes sting the wallet. Luckily,…

From smoke going round the world to aerosol levels, NASA observes Australia’s bushfires

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA scientists using data from its NOAA/NASA Suomi NPP satellite, has traced the movement of the smoke coming off the Australian fires across the globe showing that it has circumnavigated the Earth.