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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Guest Opinion: Class and climate change: A wealth tax would justifiably target carbon-indulgent Boulder – Boulder Daily Camera

By Tom Mayer Informed people know a lot about climate change. They are probably familiar with national differences in greenhouse gas emissions. They may know that North America is responsible for 27%, Europe is responsible for 22%, and China is…

Climate change exposes older adults to more of these health hazards—here’s how to prepare – MarketWatch

This article is reprinted by permission from With over one-third of California long-term care communities located in areas that are at high risk for fire, it would be difficult to find someone more on edge than a long-term-care facility operator during California’s…

One Of The World’s Richest Countries Is Becoming Hotter And Unlivable – NDTV

Kuwait, by contrast, pledged at COP26 summit in November to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 7.4% by 2035 Trying to catch a bus at the Maliya station in Kuwait City can be unbearable in the summer. About two-thirds of the city’s…

Researchers Find the Key to Fixing Human Allergies to Dogs

There have been many research efforts describing the progression of dog allergies, but very few studies to try to cure people of them. Now, researchers looking to artificially induce immune tolerance have for the first time identified candidates for those parts of the molecules that make up dog allergens—which could give us a ‘dog allergy […]

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Myth Debunked: Global warming is good – Times of Malta

As world leaders met at the COP26 summit to debate how to tackle climate change, misinformation began to circulate around social media. While today you hardly find people that deny that climate change exists and is happening, misleading claims arise…

How the Refrigerator Became an Agent of Climate Catastrophe – The New Yorker

A couple of years ago, in spring, my wife and I took our dog for a walk near Bantam Lake, in northwestern Connecticut, a few miles from our house. In swampy woods on the lake’s northern shore, we noticed a…

‘Bro Said Global Warming’: DoorDash Driver Drags Person Who Only Ordered Skittles in Video – Newsweek

A DoorDash driver from New York went viral after he complained about a customer who only ordered a single bag of Skittles. The driver, who goes by @abdulfromthecut, uploaded his response in a video to TikTok which received more than…

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