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Salamanders have a secret to survive drought, heat waves, and climate change –

This story is part of Down to Earth, a Vox reporting initiative on the science, politics, and economics of the biodiversity crisis. A decade ago, a team of salamander researchers made a dire prediction: that climate change would make much…

China Is The Real Winner Of Western Climate Politics

The future of global greenhouse gas emissions will not be determined by G7 countries but by developing countries, which have shown almost no interest in imposing any cost on their development to meet climate targets. The G7 meeting was a…

Dems Really Hate The Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan For Dropping Green Pork

Senate Republicans Tuesday showed preliminary support for a bipartisan infrastructure framework that a small group of lawmakers is drafting, but liberal lawmakers dismissed the proposal as far too narrow and cheap to address the nation’s needs. Senate Minority Leader Mitch…

Hybrid membrane doubles the lifetime of rechargeable batteries

(Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena) Scientists at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, together with colleagues from Boston University (BU) and Wayne State University (WSU), have now succeeded in preventing dendrite formation and thus at least doubling the lifetime of a lithium metal battery. The researchers report on their method in the renowned journal “Advanced Energy Materials”.

Underwater robot offers new insight into mid-ocean “twilight zone”

(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) An innovative underwater robot known as Mesobot is providing researchers with deeper insight into the vast mid-ocean region known as the “twilight zone.” Capable of tracking and recording high-resolution images of slow-moving and fragile zooplankton, gelatinous animals, and particles, Mesobot greatly expands scientists’ ability to observe creatures in their mesopelagic habitat with minimal disturbance.

Scientists Discover a New Brown Species They Named the ‘Chocolate Frog’ – And it’s Adorable

In the “nasty” swamps of New Guinea, a frog specialist has discovered a new species which he decided to call the “chocolate frog.” Far from the fugitive confectionaries containing famous witch or wizard trading cards from the Harry Potter series, the real thing is a close relative of the Australian green tree frog, only coated […]

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Bearcam Live Event Schedule June/July 2021

Get ready for Bearcam! The salmon are poised to return and the brown bears are hungry. Our upcoming live events explore the world of brown bears and salmon at Brooks River in Katmai National Park, one of the greatest wildlife…