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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Humble inhaler that causes global warming: Drugs giant reveals the devices are biggest emissions – Daily Mail

They are small, apparently harmless devices carried by millions in case of emergency but drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has revealed its asthma inhalers are its biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions. The British pharmaceutical giant said an astonishing 45…

Every rise in global warming matters; time to act now – Gulf Times

Long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns indicate climate change, which can affect our health, ability to grow food, housing, safety and livelihood. Some of us are already more vulnerable to climate impacts, such as those living in small island…

Global warming causing animals to ‘shapeshift’: Study – ANI News

Washington [US], September 18 (ANI): Climate change is not only a human problem, animals have to adapt to it as well, says a recent study led by an international team of researchers.The findings of the study were published in the…

Fall is getting warmer in Philly. Here’s what that means for trees, ticks, and birds. – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Temperatures climbed well above normal a few days this week in Philadelphia, with Monday and Tuesday spiking eight degrees above the typical high of 80 for this time of year. While temperatures often fluctuate, historical data over the past five…

Biden, world leaders push climate action, vow methane cuts – Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden tried on Friday to hammer out the world’s next steps against rapidly worsening climate change with a small group of other global leaders and announced a new U.S.-European pledge to cut climate-wrecking methane leaks….

Scientists Find ‘Statistically Significant’ Cooling Trend Over Entire Antarctic Continent

East Antarctica, which covers two-thirds of the South Pole, has cooled a whopping 2.8°C over the past four decades; West Antarctica has approximately 1.6″C. … only the tiny Antarctic Peninsula saw statistically insignificant warming. German climate website Die kalte Sonne…

Italy is Protecting its Giant Trees Forever – Monumental Trees that Can Live for Centuries

Big old trees. Are there any living things that speak to us the same way as big old trees? Italy has ensured through law that every Italian and visitor to the country has the right of happening upon the oldest, gnarliest, and most storied trees in the nation, and thereby having that wonderful feeling of […]

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Our Last Best Chance to Stop Global Warming – Santa Barbara Independent

If you’re confused about the two infrastructure bills now pending in the Congress, you’re not alone. Together they address everything from updating roads, bridges, railroads, and airports to cleaning up Superfund sites; pre-kindergarten expansion; lowering the price of prescription drugs;…

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