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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Microplastics pollution threat fails to be included in Hockey Feasibility study for Moreland Council

On Wednesday night I made a statement to Moreland Council meeting on Agenda item 7.9 Hockey Feasibility Study for a second Field Hockey pitch in Moreland. My concerns were that Council needs to consider all the information on health and…

Blue Ocean Event 2022?

The image on the right shows a NASA Worldview satellite image of a blue Beaufort Sea (with Barrow, Alaska, at the top left, on September 7, 2022).  The image shows that there is a lot of open water between the…

25 terms you should know to understand the climate change conversation – Jacksonville Journal-Courier

Nicole Caldwell, provided by April 15, 2022 1of39 25 terms you should know to understand the climate change conversation Almost daily there’s more news about climate change exacerbating natural disasters like storms, floods, and wildfires, impacting tourism, threatening many species with…


12 Unique Ways Recyclables Are Being Reused

Break down the numbers when it comes to household waste. There was over 294 tons of waste generated in the U.S. during 2018. Of that, about 94 million tons were recycled correctly or composted. That’s about 32% of all waste is recycled. Many states want to improve recycling rates. It often means coming up with […]

New Solar-Powered Beach-Combing Robot Filters Even Tiny Plastic 30x Faster Than Humans

4Ocean, the guys who you may have seen on Instagram selling bracelets made out of ocean plastic as a way to fund their ocean cleanup, have enlisted the help of new and extra-special beachcomber in their land-based campaign to end ocean plastic pollution. The electric-powered, sand-sifting BeBot can clean up to 3,000 square meters, or […]

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Billionaires And Biden Join Forces To Mine Greenland For Rare Earth Metals

Billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos’s foundations have just spent huge amounts of money to help President Biden’s current efforts to buy or obtain mineral rights in perpetuity that will allow the United States to open-pit mine rare earth metals…

Making a meal of DNA in the seafloor

(University of Vienna) While best known as the code for genetic information, DNA is also a nutrient for specialized microbes. An international team of researchers led by Kenneth Wasmund and Alexander Loy from the University of Vienna has discovered several bacteria in sediment samples from the Atlantic Ocean that use DNA as a food source. One bacterium newly named by the team in fact is a true expert in degrading DNA. The study is now published in Nature Microbiology.

New clues to ancient life from billion-year-old lake fossils

We think of earthly life as evolving from the sea. But newly discovered microscopic “ball” fossils – found in ancient lake sediments in Scotland – suggest that evolution from single-celled to multicellular organisms might have occurred in lakes.

An expert explains: What climate change means for coral – World Economic Forum

The world has lost 30% to 50% of its reefs in the last 40 years. Scientists have warned that remaining reefs could be gone within decades. Over the past century, sea surface temperatures have risen by an average of about…

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