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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


58% of human infectious diseases can be worsened by climate change – we scoured 77,000 studies to map the pathways – The Conversation Indonesia

Climate change can exacerbate a full 58% of the infectious diseases that humans come in contact with worldwide, from common waterborne viruses to deadly diseases like plague, our new research shows. Our team of environment and health scientists reviewed decades…

Buttigieg Wants To Mandate Electric Vehicles To Combat High Gas Prices

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg considered the most likely Democratic candidate for president in 2024 after Joe Biden in the latest Washington Post ranking, says the solution to high gas prices is getting “most Americans” to switch to electric vehicles —…

Machine Learning Simulations Show How Each State of Sleep Contributes to Learning and Memory

Weird dreams may help the brain consolidate our experiences and learn from them, a new study has shown. The importance of sleep and dreams for learning and memory has long been recognized, and that connection may be the crazy dreams that occur in rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep, the stage of sleep when the brain is […]

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Smell of Desert Rain May Be Good for Health

Desert dwellers know it well: the smell of rain and the feeling of euphoria that comes when a storm washes over the parched earth. That feeling, and the health benefits that come with it, may be the result of oils and other chemicals released by desert plants after a good soaking, new research suggests. “The […]

The post Smell of Desert Rain May Be Good for Health appeared first on Good News Network.

Global warming leading to sleep loss, wider disparities – Kyodo News Plus

Global warming is leading to shorter sleep durations across the world that could increase health risks especially affecting the elderly, women and people in low-income countries, a recent study has found. Researchers warn that rising temperatures may lead to growing…

Climate Change Alert! Why Nepal Is Deliberating To Shift Base Camp Of Mount Everest –

New Delhi: It is only when something hits home, when it gets too personal, that we realise the true value and gravity of the situation. Environment perils are one of those situations. Nepal is currently in a similar crisis because…

The surprising story of ‘warming stripes’ – The New York Times

June 21 is Show Your Stripes Day. Stripes, as in warming stripes, a popular way to visualize global warming trends over the last 150 years. You’ll find warming stripes on face masks (see my Twitter profile), on scarves (Blackrock’s chief…

Nepal plans to move Everest base camp due to global warming – Daily Mail

Nepal plans to move a base camp at the foot of Everest further down the mountain because global warming and human activity is making the current one unstable.  Experts say the Khumbu glacier, a 10-mile ‘river of ice’ on which…

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