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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Halting Global Warming May Make a Huge Difference in Rising Sea Levels – Nature World News

It’s a good thing that global warming has been ultimately recognized and addressed not just in surface, but also in depth by global leaders. One cannot say that there has not been worldwide effort to protect biodiversity on the nature’s…

EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Addressing fear of global warming with local opportunities – Ventura County Reporter

Pictured: Young local residents in a Climate Strike March at Ventura City Hall. Sept. 20, 2019. Photo by Kimberly Rivers.  by David Goldstein As Halloween decorations appear this month, few children will fear the goblins, ghosts, and ghouls depicted in…

How China Made A Mockery Of Boris Johnson’s New Green Jobs Boast

A bleak autumn day at Methil on the south Fife coast. In front of us, the once-thriving yard where some of the North Sea’s biggest oil and gas platforms were built is almost empty. There’s just mud, puddles, and piles…

With a Warming Climate, Coastal Fog Around the World Is Declining – InsideClimate News

Fog is a defining element of summer in Santa Cruz, obscuring the view of day trippers descending the hills to the coast and prompting kids to bundle up to hop on their bikes for summer adventures. Its fingerprints are visible…

Google, YouTube Ending Monetization Of So-Called ‘Climate Denial’ Sites

Google and YouTube announced Thursday that they will no longer allow content creators and advertisers to profit off content that contradicts mainstream views on climate change. Beginning next month, Google and its subsidiary YouTube will no longer monetize ads or…

Warming Trends: A Delay in Autumn Leaves, More Bad News for Corals and the Vicious Cycle of War and Eco-Des… – InsideClimate News

SCIENCE The Terrible Link Between Conflict and Environmental Assault War and ecological degradation often go hand in hand and, after 20 years of unrelenting conflict, Afghanistan faces the most dire ecological threats of any country, according to a new report. …


What Can You Do If Labor Shortages Pause Curbside Recycling In Your Community?

Labor shortages are hitting cities across the U.S. Waste and recycling is just one industry impacted by the lack of applicants. Jacksonville, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; and Northampton, Pennsylvania, are just a few cities struggling to find enough drivers for recycling and trash pick-ups in the past few months. Currently, more […]

Global warming kills 14 percent of world’s corals in 10 years – Al Jazeera English

Climate change combined with overfishing, coastal development and declining water quality destroyed ecosystems home to at least a quarter of all marine animals and plants. Global warming helped wipe out 14 percent of the world’s coral reefs between 2009 and…

Global warming kills 14 percent of world’s corals in a decade – FRANCE 24

Issued on: 05/10/2021 – 02:06Modified: 05/10/2021 – 02:05 Advertising Read more Paris (AFP) Dynamite fishing and pollution — but mostly global warming — wiped out 14 percent of the world’s coral reefs from 2009 to 2018, leaving graveyards of bleached…

Australia Returns Huge Daintree Rainforest to its Aboriginal Owners, Bordering Great Barrier Reef

Over 600 square-miles of ancient rainforest with rivers, waterfalls, gorges and white sandy beaches was handed back to the traditional people who had lived here for generations. The historic announcement last week came from officials in Queensland, Australia, who transferred management of the world-famous Daintree National Park to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people, who are […]

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