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Perseid meteors 2020: All you need to know

In 2020, the peak mornings for the Perseid meteor shower – August 11, 12 and 13 – will feature meteors under moonlight. Here’s how to optimize your chances to catching some meteors during this year’s display.

NASA finds limited water vapor as depression 06E becomes a trough

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) When NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over the Eastern Pacific Ocean, it gathered water vapor data on Tropical Depression 06E that showed it had opened up into a trough. A trough is an elongated area of low pressure.

How cosmic rays may have shaped life

(Stanford University) Physicists propose that the influence of cosmic rays on early life may explain nature’s preference for a uniform ‘handedness’ among biology’s critical molecules.

NASA's asteroid deflection mission may spark an artificial meteor shower

A proof-of-concept demonstration by NASA to determine whether we could save Earth from a doomsday asteroid by literally knocking it off course may end up causing the first human-generated meteor shower. Called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), the unprecedented…

NASA analyzes developing System 90L in Straits of Florida

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A low-pressure area designated as System 90L appears to be developing in the Straits of Florida, located between Southern Florida and Cuba. NASA’s Aqua satellite measured cloud top temperatures within the developing system and found some stronger storms.