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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Annapolis-based nonprofit prepares to set sail for Greenland to study climate change on the newly commissioned sailboat – Capital Gazette

There’s a saying among oceanographers that the bigger your ship, the better your research. The Annapolis-based Ocean Research Project would like to prove that adage wrong. Saturday at City Dock, the nonprofit commissioned its newest research vessel, the R/V Marie…

Global warming bike path – FlowingData

The @LpzfuersKlima team have completed painting a giant representation of the Warming Stripes on the Sachsenbrücke in Leipzig, thanks to crowd funding. Already starting conversations for those using the bridge. #ShowYourStripes — Ed Hawkins (@ed_hawkins) April 27, 2022 It…

Spectacular Aquariid Meteor Shower Next Week – See Dozens of Shooting Stars Per Hour

There’s an excellent chance to watch a meteor shower in the pre-dawn hours next week. From May 4th, 5th, and 6th, at a few hours past midnight in the Northern Hemisphere, go outside in a dark area away from artificial lights and look to the south. The Eta Aquariid meteor shower could reveal as many […]

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LETTERS — Cold beer sales drive global warming – Saltwire

Wasteful practices I am alarmed at the changes our world is experiencing because of global warming. My heart breaks at the thought of the violent storms, droughts, floods, food insecurity, etc., that today’s young people might have to experience in…

How are we still subsidizing climate change? | TheHill – The Hill

Sorting trash and recyclables is a tough, dirty job. If that’s what you do to make ends meet, you deserve some basic dignity: decent wages, health care, job security and a lunch break would be a bare minimum. That’s what…

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