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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Do Volcanoes Have Anything to do with Climate Change? – News @ Northeastern – Northeastern University

The eruption of Mauna Loa for the first time in 40 years on the Big Island of Hawaii follows a summer and fall that saw record-high temperatures around the world. Is there a connection between climate change and volcanic eruptions?…

Blocking the sun to fight climate change. What could go wrong? (opinion) –

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie, but it’s all too real. There’s been increasing talk lately about a truly mind-boggling proposal that would attack global warming: Blocking the sun, also known as “solar geoengineering.” It…

Web Series: A Deeper Dive – Rolling Stone

As a follow-up to my previous piece, “Web Series: Let’s Talk About It,” I’d like to go back to the importance of story in your web series. I can’t stress enough how important story is. Web series are episodic by…

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