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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘A part of winter is missing’: Ottawa grieves over lack of canal ice for skating

Every winter for more than two decades, Chris Macknie has laced up boots, clipped on skis or slipped on running shoes to compete in Ottawa’s Winterlude triathlon. The event, held in dead of winter, has hundreds skate along the frozen…

Energy Recycling

How to Recycle Items That Aren’t Accepted In Your Blue Bin

When an item in your blue bin shouldn’t be in that bin, two things happen. First, improperly recycled items can damage the recycling equipment. Second, workers have to remove the incorrectly recycled items and move them to trash bins to be hauled to the landfill, which raises operating costs.Items that are typically accepted in blue […]

How Climate Change and the Polar Vortex Influenced This Week’s Harsh Winter Storms – InsideClimate News

Much of the United States is being battered by bizarre winter weather this week, which trapped snowbound drivers in their cars, prompted airlines to cancel thousands of flights and knocked out power for at least one million properties across the…

‘Help us fight’: California farmers ask for more aid after deadly storms

As a series of deadly storms whipped through California’s wine country, liquefying fields and turning vineyards into wading pools, thousands of farm workers in the region were forced to stay home. Though the power has been long since restored and…

‘Birdsville mindset’: what an outback town where the roads melt can teach us about living with heat

The mercury is already nudging 40C on a February morning in Birdsville and, walking down the main drag, you could be forgiven for mistaking yourself in the nearby ghost town of Betoota. A guard dog barks half-heartedly without emerging from…


Ten Companies That Are Establishing Innovative Recycling Programs

Per the EPA, over 292 million tons of waste were generated in 2018 and only 94 million tons were recycled or composted. Only a third of all generated trash is recycled, so there’s a lot of room for improvement.Sometimes, people cannot find appropriate ways to recycle items they know are made from recyclable materials. Your […]


What’s All the Buzz About Pyrolysis for Recycling Plastic?

There’s been a lot of talk about pyrolysis being the solution to the plastics recycling problem. Is this method the solution that some experts believe it will be? What is all the buzz about?There are Problems With Plastics RecyclingBefore you even get into the purpose of pyrolysis, you have to look at the current problems […]

Location of St. Nicholas Tomb Discovered–the Inspiration For Santa Claus Who Left Gifts Inside Shoes and Helped the Poor

The exact location of the tomb of the Roman-era saint who inspired the gift-giving of Santa Claus has been uncovered by archeologists in the town of Myra in southern Turkey. Saint Nicholas (‘Santa’ is Italian for saint) was an early Christian bishop of Greek descent who was beloved for his legendary habit of secret gift-giving. […]

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How Long Does It Take Many Common Materials to Break Down in a Landfill?

Have you ever considered the importance of recycling? Of course, there are the logical reasons for recycling. You don’t want the chemicals from a battery getting into the groundwater, air, or soil. Another aspect, and it’s one that most people don’t stop to think about, is how long it takes these common materials to break […]

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