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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Matt Canavan suggested the cold snap means global warming isn’t real. We bust this and 2 other climate myths – The Conversation AU

Senator Matt Canavan sent many eyeballs rolling yesterday when he tweeted photos of snowy scenes in regional New South Wales with a sardonic two-word caption: “climate change”. Canavan, a renowned opponent of climate action and proponent of the coal industry,…

World-first discovery could fuel the new green ammonia economy

(Monash University) Monash University scientists have developed a new technique using phosphonium salts that can help drive the future production of green ammonia. This process could reduce the impact of ammonia production on global carbon emissions. Each metric tonne of ammonia produced today contributes to roughly 1.9 metric tonnes of greenhouse emissions.

New Shipping Material Made From Popcorn Can Replace Styrofoam ‘Peanuts’

In a stroke of scientific genius, a German researcher enjoying a box of popcorn in a dark movie theater realized that the overpriced, butter-soaked concession had the exact same size and consistency as Styrofoam packing peanuts. Considering Styrofoam is made from polystyrene, which requires fossil fuel extraction and takes centuries to break down into yet […]

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Tasked to Fight Climate Change, a Secretive U.N. Agency Does the Opposite – The New York Times

LONDON — During a contentious meeting over proposed climate regulations last fall, a Saudi diplomat to the obscure but powerful International Maritime Organization switched on his microphone to make an angry complaint: One of his colleagues was revealing the proceedings…

As Climate Change Makes Storm Relief Work ‘Harder And Harder,’ NGOs Try To Get Ahead Of Curve – WLRN

Tuesday is the start of hurricane season — and a big reminder, say disaster aid organizations, that last year left little doubt climate change has made hurricanes stronger and stronger hurricanes more frequent. Groups like South Florida’s Food for the…

Global Fishing Watch launches new technology to enhance ocean management

(Global Fishing Watch) Global Fishing Watch has launched an innovative technology portal to help strengthen management of marine protected areas (MPAs) and other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs). The portal hosts diverse datasets and analysis tools to support marine spatial planning and ocean stewardship. Founded by philanthropist and ocean advocate, Dona Bertarelli, the technology aims to revolutionize our ability to dynamically monitor and conserve marine ecosystems.

Pandemic paleo: A wayward skull, at-home fossil analyses, a first for Antarctic amphibians

(University of Washington) Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered the first fossil evidence of an ancient amphibian, Micropholis stowi, from Antarctica. Micropholis lived in the Early Triassic, shortly after Earth’s largest mass extinction. It was previously known only from fossils in South Africa, and its presence in Antarctica has implications for how amphibians adapted to high-latitude regions in this dynamic period of Earth’s history.