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Firestarters: Australia Has A Serious Firebug Crisis

According to my calculations and estimates, the number of individuals around Australia whose arson has contributed to the current bushfire crisis has now passed 200. This figure is not presented as a counter-argument to those who blame the fires on…

Michael Viney: Climate change an existential threat to civilisation, scientists say – The Irish Times

It is, quite preposterously, 2020, far further into my future than I ever expected to get. I should have prepared something appropriate for such a portentous date, but the important things have been said already already, day after day, not…

Washington State Ferries, Second-Largest Ferry Switching From Diesel To Batteries

Washington State Ferries will be following Ellen’s example near the Danish island of Ærø. Washington often leads and succeeds where other states hover, discuss, and are quite too slow to transition. Washington also runs the second-largest ferry system in the world, so switching from diesel to batteries in the early part of a trend toward electrification in shipping is vital to set better standards in marine shipping

Ghostly remains of massive Roman shipwreck found in Mediterranean

Researchers exploring the eastern Mediterranean Sea using advanced sonar technology have uncovered one of the largest Roman shipwrecks ever discovered. The ancient merchant vessel lies at a depth of 197 feet off the coast of the Greek Island of Kefallinia….

State of the climate over the Three Gorges Region of the Yangtze River in 2018

(Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) The publication of the annual climate report in 2018 will help people better understand the climate conditions in the region around the Three Gorges over the Yangtze River.

How to recycle your Christmas lights

It doesn’t feel right to put Christmas lights in a trash can. Maybe they’ve stopped working, or maybe you’re replacing incandescent lights with safer, more energy-efficient LEDs. In any case, after brightening so many holiday seasons over the years, it…


Could we cool Earth with an ice-free Arctic?

The Arctic region is heating up faster than any other place on Earth, and as more and more sea ice is lost every year, we are already feeling the impacts. Researchers explored strategies for cooling down the oceans in a world without this important cooling mechanism.

Nikola & Iveco Partner To Bring The Battery Electric Nikola TRE To The EU

Nikola TREThe Nikola Corporation is making a push into the EU with partner trucking company IVECO after the pair showed off the design model of the battery electric version of the Nikola TRE for European customers. Launching the battery electric Nikola TRE gives Nikola a bridge to the hydrogen-powered future the team envisions as the reality of the investment and lead time required for hydrogen to manifest in the global transportation marketplace are realized

European Parliament declares a climate and environmental emergency before COP25

A few hours ago the European parliament declared a climate emergency by a reasonably wide margin. The nonbinding resolution said the European Commission must : ensure all proposals are aligned with 1.5 °C target EU should cut emissions by 55%…