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Intensity of past methane release measured with new, groundbreaking methods

A novel approach to geochemical measurements helps scientists reconstruct the past intensity of the methane seeps in the Arctic Ocean. Recent studies show that methane emissions fluctuated, strongly, in response to known periods of abrupt climate change at the end of the last glacial cycle.


LGIM to launch its first fossil fuel-free pension fund after pressure

The UK’s biggest fund manager has bowed to client pressure and agreed to launch its first fossil fuel-free ethical pension fund later this year. Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), which has been one of the most outspoken fund managers…

HKU scientists find high concentrations of toxic phenyltin compounds in local Chinese white dolphins

(The University of Hong Kong) An HKU research team confirmed the occurrence of biomagnification of toxic substance TPT compounds along the marine food chain resulted in very high concentrations of TPT in two top predators, the Chinese white dolphin and the finless porpoises. This is the first study in the world to confirm the trophic magnification of TPT in food webs of cetacean species, and the findings were published in Environment International.

How long do fresh eggs last?

Fresh eggs last from two hours to a year, depending on where you buy them and how you store them. Eggs from the grocery store or the farmers market can last for weeks in the refrigerator. That’s often much longer…

Climate Change Lawsuits Falling Like Dominoes

Climate change activists went to court in California recently trying to halt a long losing streak in their quest to punish energy companies for aiding and abetting the world’s consumption of fossil fuels. A handful of California cities — big…

Bath engineer wins national technology award

(University of Bath) Professor Marcelle McManus, a University of Bath environmental engineer and specialist in sustainability, has won the Academic category of the 2020 FDM everywoman in Technology Award.

World needs to unite to stop global warming – The Financial Express

The movement towards decarbonisation in the West has built up a strong momentum. Spend a few days in Europe and one cannot help but be struck by the change in the tenor of the discussion on global warming. It is…