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Sea butterflies already struggle in acidifying Southern Ocean

(Naturalis Biodiversity Center) In a new study, scientists from Naturalis Biodiversity Center, the University of Amsterdam and NIOZ show that sea butterflies already have difficulty growing their shells in present-day Southern Ocean conditions. With the continuation of ocean acidification this will become even more difficult.

Agents of food-borne zoonoses confirmed to parasitise newly-recorded in Thailand snails

(Pensoft Publishers) Parasitic flatworms known as agents of food-borne zoonoses were confirmed to use several species of thiarid snails, commonly found in freshwater and brackish environments in southeast Asia, as their first intermediate host. These parasites can cause severe ocular infections in humans who consume raw or improperly cooked fish that have fed on parasitised snails. The study, conducted in South Thailand, is published in the peer-reviewed open-access journal Zoosystematics and Evolution.

Global warming is history’s greatest threat to birds – Gainesville Sun

Birds raced to the feeder on a recent morning, surrounding it, circling, hoping others would leave. Goldfinch seemingly attacked as a group, forcing all others off their perches. Even a Baltimore oriole showed up to remind me he lives nearby….

Schooling Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann On Climategate

Climategate was a conspiracy by ‘fossil-fuel-industry front groups, paid attack dogs, & conservative media outlets,’ claims Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann in his latest potboiler The New Climate War. I do hope the rest of his book isn’t as inaccurate as this…

Worst-case scenario for river & bay: Climate change, flooding, dead zones, crab depletion – Herald-Mail Media

Editor’s note: This USA Today Network special report explores solutions to deep threats that flow through New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland as the Susquehanna River feeds the Chesapeake Bay — with life and death. The last resident of Applegarth, Md.,…

Has the polar vortex arrived? What is it?

The polar vortex is an enormous, 3-dimensional ring of winds that surrounds the North and South poles during each hemisphere’s winter. The polar vortex influences the jet stream, which can bring cold winter weather to the U.S. and Europe.

Nigerian Villagers Score ‘Victory for Humanity’ When a Court Verdict Slams Shell Oil For Liability After Years of Spills

Four Nigerian famers have won a 13-year legal battle against Shell Oil after a spill allegedly contaminated their lands. The David vs Goliath story went all the way from the rural Niger Delta to The Hague Court of Appeal, resulting in the farmers being compensated, with further mandates for both safety and cleanup being pressed […]

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