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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global CEOs urge G7 leaders to step up climate action – Financial Times

Major global companies are pushing world leaders to step up action to tackle climate change at the G7 summit in Germany this weekend, calling for large-scale carbon pricing and measures to boost demand for clean technology. In an open letter…

Climate change: ‘Space Bubble’ shield could block sun’s rays – World Economic Forum

MIT researchers are exploring the possibility of floating frozen bubbles made of a thin film above Earth to reflect the sun’s rays, called ‘Space Bubbles’. This is a variation on the common geoengineering idea of a solar shield, which blocks…

‘Marker of climate change’: Europe swelters in record-breaking June heatwave – FRANCE 24 English

Issued on: 18/06/2022 – 21:18 Spain, France and other western European nations on Saturday sweltered under a blistering June heatwave that has sparked forest fires and concerns that such early summer blasts of hot weather will now become the norm….

Oil Companies Unload On Biden After Getting His Poison-Pen Letter

Oil companies and industry trade groups criticized President Joe Biden after he sent a letter to them threatening action over high gasoline prices. Biden penned a letter to seven major oil companies Tuesday insisting they increase oil refining operations to…

Scientists see long-term hope for Maine’s lobster fishery despite warming waters – Press Herald

The lobster boats 32 Below, 32 Below II and Miss Jayne are lit up by the sun shortly after sunrise in Cape Porpoise harbor in January. New oceanographic research at the University of Maine paints a rosier picture of the…

I Rented An Electric Car For A Four-Day Road Trip And It Was A Nightmare

I thought it would be fun. That’s what I told my friend Mack when I asked her to drive with me from New Orleans to Chicago and back in an electric car. I’d made long road trips before, surviving popped…

As the World Runs on Lithium, Researchers Develop Clean Method to Get It From Water

Centuries ago, alchemists thought they could turn lead into gold. Today, the prospect of coaxing valuable materials from abundant resources guides scientists who have seen a golden opportunity. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is working with companies to test an approach that uses magnetic nanoparticles to capture critical materials, such as […]

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Is It “Now or Never” for Climate Change? – LA Progressive

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) working group report gives us until 2030 to stop global warming at 1.5°C. The report proposes several steps that are vital to achieving that goal. The steps are: Coal must be effectively…

Climate change: Oregon businesses intent on destroying Earth – The Register-Guard

Oregonians should know and hold accountable those who joined the campaign to undermine the viability of our planet for future generations.   If global warming and its climate-change consequences continue unchecked, they are likely to destroy our natural ecosystem (forests, woodlands, grasslands, deserts, etc.) by the end of the century, along with…

X-Ray Explosion of a White Dwarf Star Captured for the First Time

When stars like our Sun use up all their fuel, they shrink to form white dwarfs. Sometimes such dead stars flare back to life in a super hot explosion and produce a fireball of X-ray radiation. A research team has now been able to observe such an explosion of X-ray light for the very first […]

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