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Renewable Rent-Seekers Aren’t Focused On Stopping Bushfires—Or Cheap Energy

No amount of mouth-frothing by Piers Morgan or artful deception by the legions of renewable energy warriors published by the Australian Financial Review and the Guardian will change the facts about this summer. The severe fire season is due to…

Heads up! Lunar occultation of Mars February 18

Thinking of beefing up your stargazing optics? Now would be a good time. Given clear skies, all of the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii) can watch the red planet Mars disappear behind the moon – or reappear, or both – one month from today, on the morning of February 18, 2020.

‘It’s global warming. Simple as that’: Expert predicts extreme weather impacts on Lake Mendota ice activities – WMTV

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) — Experts warn of climate change impacts to the local ecosystem, as they highlight fewer months to spend on Lake Mendota’s ice cover. According to John Magnuson, professor of limnology at the UW-Madison, Lake Mendota froze over…


This Week on Explore (1/17)

Bella the Hummingbird has laid her second egg! We are so pleased to see Bella thrive after a tumultuous season last year. Watch her now!  On Seal Island and few other select places off the coast of New England, gray…


Nanosatellites improve detection of early-season corn nitrogen stress

For corn growers, the decision of when and how much nitrogen fertilizer to apply is a perennial challenge. Scientists have shown that nanosatellites known as CubeSats can detect nitrogen stress early in the season, potentially giving farmers a chance to plan in-season nitrogen fertilizer applications and alleviate nutrient stress for crops.

Scott Morrison looks for wriggle room on climate as he detects the whiff of backlash | Sarah Martin

It’s too early to say whether the prime minister, Scott Morrison, is speaking with a forked tongue when he says the government will “evolve” its climate change policy. What appeared on Sunday to be a shift in rhetoric on the…

What is moral grandstanding and are you guilty of it?

Ah, 2020. Here we are. Many of us have been anxiously awaiting this new year and the congressional and presidential elections it brings. As political campaigns kick into high gear this coming spring and fall, there’s no better time to…

Why snowy owls are spending the winter in Detroit

As winter destinations go, Detroit might not be first on your list. But some snowy owls that live in the Arctic tundra of northern Canada have gone south for the winter. Specifically, some of the younger birds have hit the…