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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Protecting local water has global benefits – EurekAlert

IMAGE: The United States Great Lakes as seen from space. The Great Lakes hold about 90% of the freshwater in the U.S. and about 20% of the world’s freshwater supply (NOAA)…. view more  Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Great Lakes…

Great Lakes Water Levels Appear To Prove Global Warming Is Not –

An article written by the Associated Press and published in the Detroit News informs us that the last 2 years of “record-setting” water levels have ended.  That is very good news due to the damage that the high water levels…

New low-cost solutions could save sea turtles from a climate change-induced sex crisis | TheHill – The Hill

Because of global warming, most newborn sea turtles are female, which could put their long-term survival at risk. New research reveals that in addition to more widely used techniques such as shading and irrigation, the splitting of the turtle nests,…

Climate change: how bad could the future be if we do nothing? – The Conversation UK

The climate crisis is no longer a looming threat – people are now living with the consequences of centuries of greenhouse gas emissions. But there is still everything to fight for. How the world chooses to respond in the coming…

‘Food insecurity Turkey’s top climate change risk’ – Anadolu Agency | English

ANKARA Among all the potential dangers of climate change, the top risk it poses to Turkey is its threat to the country’s food security and water supplies, an expert told Anadolu Agency. “Drought is the most pressing issue we need…

Reclamation provides $2.5 million to improve snow water supply forecasting

(Bureau of Reclamation) The Bureau of Reclamation is providing $2.5 million for 12 projects to advance snow measurement technology development, demonstration and application to improve water supply forecasting.

Transforming atmospheric carbon into industrially useful materials

(Salk Institute) Plants are unparalleled in their ability to capture carbon from the air, but this benefit is temporary. Researchers have proposed a more permanent, and even useful, fate for this captured carbon by turning plants into a valuable industrial material called silicon carbide (SiC). A new study from Salk scientists quantifies this process with more detail than ever before.

Climate Apocalypse Now? Er, Well, Not Really

Runaway climate chaos, catastrophic climate breakdown, the climate apocalypse. It’s happening now! So what is it like? A report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation looks at extreme weather trends around the world and reveals all. Climate chaos, it turns out,…

Small things can have a major effect on the prevention of biodiversity loss

(University of Helsinki) The population growth of an endangered butterfly species is greatest in habitats with microclimatic variability, demonstrates a study carried out collaboratively by the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and the Helsinki Institute of Life Science of the University of Helsinki as well as the Finnish Environment Institute.